ℹ Style and fashion for women of the spring summer 2022 season

ℹ Style and fashion for women of the spring summer 2022 season

The spring-summer season of this 2022 is already with us and with it new airs full of freshness, good weather and the enjoyment of the sun’s rays. It’s time to change the face of our wardrobe. It is better to put away coats and thick jackets and put much lighter clothes in the front row that allow us to show a little skin.

Like every year, trends are felt when it comes to women’s fashion there is a lot to choose and pamper ourselves. However, some garments stand out more than others and give that model that no one ignores. Because it’s about getting in, enjoying the process and of course putting our style and criteria first when it comes to projecting the image we want.

In this sense, we must mention the most beautiful dresses for women what it has to offer this season 2022. There aren’t many rules to follow, other than feeling comfortable and confident when wearing them. But we cannot leave out some details that you need to take into account choose models, designs, colors, lengths, notches and special shapes.

Types of clothes that are in trend this season

The first thing to mention is the versatility of this garment, the romanticism and sensuality it releases, because after all, It is one of the main items that characterize a Look female. Let’s see some parameters that are going strong this year so that you can choose the most outstanding models with updated criteria.


Spring without flowers is not spring and we always see this detail reflected in the dresses. You will never go wrong if you decide to choose a dress with this pattern or print. The only thing you have to do is choose the fit you like best and it is worth taking into account which attributes of your body you want to highlight.

For example, if you are a short girl, dresses above the knee are the most flattering, especially those whose skirts are a-line or even those that are fitted to the body.

For taller women, dresses that come to the ankles or below the knee are fabulous. It will just be a matter of choose a lightweight fabric that has movement and is cool to wear comfortably on the hottest days of the season.

The red and yellow colors are the protagonists on this occasion, but as we have already mentioned, the rules to follow are not too many and this is demonstrated by the great varieties on the market.

Knitted, draped and satin fabrics

Variety is also what stands out when choose a beautiful dress for any occasion. Among the most versatile factors is knitting. It is very romantic and fits the body in a very natural and carefree way that will help you highlight those aspects of your body that you are most proud of.

Curtains are another trend that you can’t lose sight of because it is also a very flattering detail. Depending on the type and style of the dress, you can show off a more pronounced waist, highlight your shoulders or show off a few legs with a lot more sensuality.

Satin dresses are another sensation of the season, but this style is more reserved for special occasions. Combining them with heels and elegant accessories will be the most successful.

Don’t be afraid of prints, patterns and great designs

For the youngest this trend is fascinating. These are very fresh and original clothes with which you can show your preferences for a character from the movies or comics. While this style is much more tied to a house suit or pajamas, it is now valid to take them wherever you want. They can be combined very well with sneakers and a nice makeup.

The idea is that you have fun and feel comfortable wherever you go. This fresh and light type of outfit is ideal for an afternoon at the pool, a trip to the park or a day at the beach.