2000s: This Is How Gen Z Is Wearing The Briefs Trend Today

2000s: This Is How Gen Z Is Wearing The Briefs Trend Today

Time and time again we see trends that we have seen before in the world of fashion and beauty. The same thing happened with low-rise jeans or thin eyebrows. The new” underpants trend It is already known by most millennials since the year 2000.

Today we are again combining low-rise pants or skirts with striking underpants. Here you can find out exactly what this trend is all about and how to stylishly combine this sin of fashion.

Generation Z fashion trend: the panty flasher or briefs trend

For a long time it was considered an absolute sin of fashion to wear low-rise pants. This trend disappeared in the 2000s and was replaced by high-waisted jeans that didn’t show the underwear. But now the sin of fashion is making a comeback.

It has already been seen on the catwalks of Chanel and Miu Miu and the celebrities of Generation Z already wear the thong and company with low-rise jeans and skirts.

This is what the fashion sin of Generation Z looks like today

In the 2000s, you could find the red carpet, catwalks, or other events over and over again. Slip on pants. Even then, the trend was highly controversial. Some it girls like Paris Hilton have used it to stand out or create a “mean girl” image. Almost 20 years later, the slip is combined with Low-rise jeans or skirts are once again a fashion statement.

At the Chanel spring/summer 2022 collection launch, the black hipster panties with long black low rise skirt combined to look particularly elegant. This is how the hips are staged.

The Miu Miu brand combined the trend a little differently in its spring/summer 2022 presentation. Here you can find Beige short panties combined with pants. Also black boxers they were combined here with long skirts.

trend women's underpants
A new trend is making the rounds and most of us are already familiar with it: it’s all about flashing thong-style lights. Photo: This is how stars combine the boxer shorts trend Photo: Patricia Schlein/Star Max, Christina Radish / Getty Images [M]

These stars already wear the Slip-Blitzer

Many stars bring another popular part of the 2000s in combination: the thong. We will show you who is already following the trend. Y2K fashion icon Bella Hadid is already implementing the trend. she combines that thong with wide pants, Similar to the 2000’s.

What is Y2K again? Written down, Y2K simply means Year Two Thousand. Translated into German, it is everything that can be associated with the year 2000. This includes fashion as well as music and a certain lifestyle.

Other stars like Dua Lipa have also been seen sporting similar styles. here for example in full Y2K style.

Only when it reaches the Gen-Z influencers of this world does the trend complete. They have also been seen wearing boxer shorts and hip pants. Not surprising given how many Gen Z members wear Y2K trends.

Model Stefanie Giesinger is also wearing the trend paired with a thong and cargo pants.

Slip-Blitzer: Is it really a sin?

The Slip Blitzer is a trend that is giving many people a huge headache and an even bigger stomach ache. The year 2000 was a time of body shaming and fear for many millennials. The low-rise jeans, crop tops, and thongs that were all the rage at the time were so tight they usually even cut through flesh. There was very little room to hide her love handles.

At the same time, the general trait of beauty was to be slim. Mischa Barton (OC California) and Kate Moss were body idols for many women. Today, in the era of body positivity, we have taken another step forward. Many influencers show how beautiful Plus Size is.

Understandably though Many millennials fear that the trend for low-rise thongs reinforces the beauty ideal of the “skinny woman.”

At that time, protruding panties were a sign of coldness and a kind of deterrent to conservative people. Anyone riding the trend can interpret it in a similar way. So, as a sign of coolness and as a countersymbol to beauty standards.

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