2021: The Annual Fashion Review – SZ Magazin

2021: The Annual Fashion Review – SZ Magazin

Happy endings of the year: Britney free, Paris and Lindsay in love

It wasn’t all bad in 2021: Britney Spears is allowed to drive solo again after 13 years under her father’s tutelage and may even start singing again. Paris Hilton married a venture capitalist named Carter Reum when she was not yet a virgin and after several failed engagements, and even Lindsay Lohan (former actress, former designer, former big cat) recently announced her engagement. If even millennial blondes find happiness this year, it’s truly one to never lose hope. That is exactly the kind of optimism we need in these times. (If things continue like this with Omikron, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt desperately need to get back together to have the courage to live.)

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What does that have to do with fashion? A lot of course. First, such good news and so many photos of Britney and Paris in the media further add to the current Y2K trend. The abbreviation stands for “Year 2 Kilo” (i.e. 1000), it actually comes from the computer world, but nowadays it mostly means that the fashion of the 2000s is in: Juicy Couture, lots of rhinestones, butterflies, jeans low rise, endless bare belly. People over 35 remember things with horror, everyone under 25 finds drafts in the stomach and coccyx totally refreshing. Second, Paris Hilton, with her long-standing Cinderella dreams, created the most opulent wedding wardrobe of the year. Seven dresses in three days including a Grace Kelly-inspired gown with tulle and floral lace for the ceremony, plunging neckline and tiara for the first dance with the groom, beaded gown and cape for dinner. Plus, of course, lots of lip gloss and mascara, at least 2K.

Instagram Comment Matching: “Wow, that’s good…”
This is what the mother tells her 19-year-old daughter: »Can I lend you my butterfly belt?
This is what the 19-year-old tells her mother: “Can you please put your buttocks back on?”

Body Part of the Year: Breasts

»And yet it moves!« The phrase attributed to Galileo Galilei applies mainly to the earth, but is equally appropriate for fashion. After several confinements and endless home offices, the triumph of eternal elasticity and fashionable accessibility was already prophesied in many places. No more cuffs, cup bras, just rampant drooling. But in its true essence (and in social networks) the human being is a being who likes to show off. As soon as public life was halfway back, various parts of the body were once again properly aired. Above all, cleavage was suddenly very much in the spotlight, kindly supported by the Netflix series Bridgerton, which sparked a yearning for corsets earlier in the year. The action takes place in the early 19th century, so the trend spontaneously sounds a bit dated. But which section of the image dominates in the mosaics of today’s zoom era? N/A? Single.

Shortly after, Demi Moore and Kate Moss were seen wearing plunging necklines at Fendi Couture. Billie Eilish settled for British Fashion for the first time not with its usual sack silhouette but with straps and a bodice. Bella Hadid completely exposed her bronchial tubes or just covered her body part with a jewelry version of it, which was an interesting allegory about the corona virus. And then Adele celebrated her return in the fall and showed up verbally and non-verbally with as open a heart as ever. Anyone who has thought of a turtleneck look for New Year’s Eve is not entirely up to date in terms of fashion, but in view of the changes in temperature, they are surely following the general recommendations of all pulmonologists.

Also used by: Salma Hayek, Sophia Loren, Oktoberfest visitors (by the way: that was this Munich folk festival)
Typical Instagram comment: “A lot of time without watch him!”
The debutante says: »Stomach in, chest out or vice versa?

Runway Queens of the Year: Timothée, Troye, Lil Nas X, Daniel

Timothée Chalamet, also the absolute leader of the class when it comes to fashion.

Photo: Getty Images

Nothing against Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B. It’s really commendable how much effort women put into their runway appearances. However, in 2021, the men collected the most laurels. Clear Outsider Advantage: After all the drab years of the penguins, you can supposedly score points with any colored sock.

Of course that is not entirely true. You also need good taste, chutzpah, and/or a reasonably talented stylist. Singer Troye Sivan appeared at the Met Gala in a gown from Joseph Altuzarra’s new Genderless line, complete with a Cartier diamond necklace. That also impressed Rihanna, who quickly snapped the 26-year-old in a cut-out dress over her urinal. Lil Nas X, Jared Leto and Daniel Kaluuya worked together to take purple beyond the color of women’s rights. And Timothée Chalamet, also the absolute leader of the class in terms of fashion, appeared in Cannes in a silver Tom Ford suit. However, that was almost triple the Axel from the Redcarpet show. Let’s hope that doesn’t give Steven Gätjen the wrong idea at the 2022 Oscars.

Daniel Craig, who single-handedly – ​​an old Bond habit – managed to rid the velvet suits of a stubborn layer of dust is also to be commended in this category. His appearance in a raspberry-colored tuxedo at the premiere of no time to die in London it was a first class farewell stunt. By the way, the actor deserves the “Exit of the Year” award twice. During matrix 4 and the continuation of sex and the city currently running, a return of him as James Bond seems largely impossible. Unless some wacko writer remembers Bobby Ewing from Dallas: a TV character who’s actually dead and suddenly it’s all just a dream! – He is alive again in the shower. Do not.

Used with: pride without prejudice
Typical Instagram comment: “Oh boy.”
Matching Pop Group: New kids on the block

Breathable accessory of the year: the hood

You may recognize a Kim Kardashian without a face.

Photo: Getty Images

Mouth and nose protection arrived in 2020 and didn’t want to disappear in 2021 either. But it’s already available in all colors, patterns, transparent and with various letter combinations. Kanye West was the first to take the new face mask requirement to the extreme. Among other things, he appeared at Balenciaga’s haute couture premiere in Paris in July wearing a patterned jacket over his head. Unfortunately, whether this was more a parable of the Corona aesthetic or a call for greater anonymity in our over-exhibitionist society remained a secret. Some even felt a post-breakup statement directed at Kim Kardashian à la: “I just got my head out of the noose!”

Interestingly, the KK Clan leader soon adopted the look herself, appearing at the Met Gala in September literally head to toe in black, also with her face covered in cloth. However, of course, everyone immediately knew who was hiding under the Balenciaga gown. When your own outline is enough to be recognized: the ultimate level of stardom.

However, timing was more of an issue. Shortly before, the Islamists had conquered Kabul. While Afghan women feared for their newly won freedoms and feared the application of the burqa, one of the free world’s most famous women simply showed up wearing a veil. While sites like Diet Prada boo every item of clothing that is in any way discriminatory, the protest was surprisingly absent here.

Also used by: Spiderman bank robbers
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Corresponding Song: »Take my breath away« (Berlin)