5 jeans that look particularly good on curvy women

5 jeans that look particularly good on curvy women

There are so many different types of jeans, and that’s a good thing, because this way everyone can find jeans that suit their type. And that’s what it’s all about: jeans only look good if they fit you. And thanks to their curves, curvy women often have different needs than skinny girls. These jeans are ideal for curvy women.

4 jeans that look particularly good on curvy women

1.High waist jeans

High-waisted jeans actually suit slim and curvy women alike. The belly and buttocks are well packed and the middle of the body is optically stretched. Therefore, the emphasis is on the waist, which magically sheds a few kilos. This cut not only makes you slimmer, high-waisted jeans also have a high feel-good effect.

2. Flared jeans

Flared jeans also look great on curvy women, because the leg is optically stretched. Ideally, you should have some air in your thighs before lunging to strike. The overall image is simply more casual if the pants are not extremely tight on top.

3. Ankle-length denim

Both long-leg and ankle-length pants stretch the leg; You can also turn the pants inside out. Style tip: Shoes with heels look great with all pants, because the leg looks longer and therefore slimmer. It doesn’t always have to be high heels, comfy wedges or platform heels do the trick too. Flat shoes compress and therefore are less recommended in combination.

4. Colored jeans

Red, green, yellow – colors in jeans are all the rage right now. Of course, they also look fantastic on curvy women. You can go for color blocking or pair bold colors with pastels. Black and white tops always look chic, as do natural colors like beige or camel.

5. Cotton jeans

Apart from the cut, the material is the main factor that determines whether a pair of jeans fits you well or not. Ideally, it should be made of cotton, because stretch pants wear out quickly. If you suffer from cellulite, it is better to avoid elastic materials, but also silk, because orange peel skin can appear underneath.