9 fashion styles of powerful, professional and elegant women in K-Dramas

9 fashion styles of powerful, professional and elegant women in K-Dramas

The fashion gods of 2021 and early 2022 have blessed us with tons of style inspirations from strong women in K-dramas. Whether they are on the good side or the bad, these characters know how to play the right girl or the bad girl in style. Here are some mainstream trends that have emerged from fairly recent must-see shows:

wear colorful clothes

In “One The Woman,” Honey Lee plays double the fashion (and trouble) as Jo Yeon Joo, a hard-talking prosecutor, and Kang Mi Na, the daughter of a chaebol family who suddenly disappears. She plays two characters who have opposite personalities but have one thing in common: a great sense of style. She blends in with her affluent family in bold prints like Kang Mi Na while she meets her peers in flamboyant, brightly colored outfits like Jo Yeon Joo.

Then there is Jeon Yeo Bin: who can forget the female protagonist of 2021? In “Vincenzo”, she gives off cool yet charming vibes in anything but boring work clothes. The pastel colors and unique cuts of her dresses make her extraordinary and stunning.

modern monochrome

When it comes to bringing chic and cosmopolitan style to the hometown, Yoon Hye Jin (played by Shin Min Ah) in “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” is the best. He stands out in monochromatic colors with the latest bags, fashion accessories and trendy pieces. As a dentist, he sports a professional look but always makes sure to add a unique touch.

Dress up the power of girls

In “Mine”, Jung Seo Hyun (played by Kim Seo Hyung) commands a presence in elegant clothing that mixes soft and hard elements. Softness comes from silky fabrics, elegant drapes, and muted colors that are balanced by more structured and streamlined pieces. She is a strong and intelligent woman who is married to the first child of a chaebol family. She puts a lot of responsibility on her shoulders while remaining steadfast in her beliefs.

Not so basic basics

As a designer for a major fashion brand, Ha Young Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo) in “Now We Are Breaking Up” can’t help but have an innate sense of fashion and flawless style. She works both in the spotlight and behind the scenes as a creative director, so she chooses to wear practical, classic outfits that accompany her from daytime to evening events. She keeps it clean and simple with neutral colors and little or no print, and that’s what makes her style timeless.

discreet luxury

Raised by a wealthy family, Cha Mi Jo (played by Son Ye Jin) in “Thirty-Nine” has it all: a thriving career as a dermatologist, great friends and a stylish wardrobe. He also keeps it simple with a minimalist style, but each piece seems to come from a designer brand. You definitely have an elegant taste!

shoulders hitting

The latest villain in the “Penthouse” series knows how to manipulate and intimidate with style. In “The Penthouse 3”, Cheon Seo Jin (played by Kim So Yeon) has powerful shoulders and a striking style that makes her one of the most endearing characters on the screen.

soft and sophisticated

When it comes to dressing professionally, Park Min Young always offers the best of itself. Playing Jin Ha Kyung in “Love and Time Prediction”, she is a warm leader and caring girl who always does her best (and her style as well) than her. One of her favorite pieces of hers is the tie front blouse and trouser suit that looks both office and date ready.

Artistic and vintage inspiration

In “Dali and Cocky Prince”, Kim Dali (played by Park Gyu Young) is the only daughter of a prestigious family working in the art gallery industry. This wallpaper reflects her slightly quirky yet creative fashion of her who is both fresh and beautiful!

It is women’s fashion

Playing NJ, a famous celebrity in “Our Beloved Summer,” Noh Jung Ui tops the latest trend searches for her trendy outfits. She updates classic pieces like a flounced top by pairing them with modern styles like shorts and boots, and accessorize your outfits with trendy sunglasses and touches of leather.

In “The One and Only,” famed social media influencer Sung Mi Do (played by Red Velvet’s Joy) is always on trend with the latest brands and designer items. Here, his style is both “teen high fashion” and girly chic.

Hey Soompiers, which styles among these women are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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