A comparison of winter fashion trends: it’s coming, it’s going

A comparison of winter fashion trends: it’s coming, it’s going

Winter trends under the magnifying glass
IN vs. OUT: What stays and what goes this season?

Caro Daur with gray trench coat, street style

Nausheen Shah and Caro Daur in a trench coat at Alberta Ferretti during Milan Fashion Week 2021

© Christian Vierig via / Getty Images

Trends come and go faster than winter arrives. It’s time to take a look at the trend radar: we filter and classify! What else are we wearing this season and what has already had its best moment?

There are exactly two types of trends: ephemeral hype about a fashion piece that we’ll have already forgotten the next season that it existed, and those absolutely timeless trend pieces that are must-haves and absolute must-haves. We show you which are the three fashion trends of last year that are back in fashion and which ones we should leave in the last corner of our wardrobe.

IN: Chunky loafers and boots

Model wears black loafers, street style

Guest at Paris Fashion Week with chunky loafers, street style 2021

©Edward Berthelot via/Getty Images

Chunky soles as far as the eye can see! In 2021, not only are our boots thick, but so are our loafers. This fashion trend already caught on last year and made its way from street style to the catwalks of the big fashion houses. The combination of a true classic and eye-catching chunky sole detail puts an exciting spin on the look and gives every outfit a cool shine. A true timeless evergreen for the cold months!

OUT: leather boots

The trend of 2000 seemed immortal. So cozy and comfortable and yet such an ugly boot trend that it’s anything but flattering. The trend originally comes from Australia from surfers: indoors, who warm their feet in slippers after the sport. As the trend came to us in the 2000s, the original idea behind the shoe was lost and we started wearing the summer shoe in mud and snow. The Fell-Boot was never designed for our bad weather. Now we rarely see the leather boot in street style. But hey, if you still have a boot like this at home, you can easily recycle the look as comfy slippers. This is how we get from bed to coffee machine on Sunday mornings in a sustainable and warm way.

IN: Trench Coats

The model is wearing a three-tone leather-look trench coat.

Vanessa Hong at Paris Fashion Week in leather-look trench coat, street style 2021

© Daniel Zuchnik via / Getty Images

The trench is THE garment of this season. If you want to be well dressed in autumn and on the warmest days of winter, you only need one garment: the good trench coat. With its elegant cut, the on-trend coat enhances our casual outfits and at the same time protects against autumn gusts of wind. The trench coat is a real eye-catcher, especially in the oversized look. And another bonus: if the coat is a bit big, a thick sweater fits perfectly under the fashionable garment. This keeps the look warm and gives the outfit a dramatic edge. The coat is simply timeless, especially in Burberry’s classic beige, but the trench coat is also an eye-catcher in vegan leather style.
Shopping tip: To do justice to our ethos of sustainability, the original trench coat can also be bought second-hand in trendy vintage style.

OUT: Teddy Coats a la Fake Fur

Where last year you could still find the faux-fur-look teddy coat here and there, this fall and winter we’ve said goodbye to the coat you nearly sank into. It has been revealed, false or not.

IN: sweater vest

Model wears red plaid cropped sweater vest over oversized blouse

Pauline Riemis in sweater vest, Street Style Berlin Fashion Week, 2021

© Christian Vierig via / Getty Images

We see them everywhere. Whether from grandma’s wardrobe or straight from the catwalks of the latest fashion week: slipovers in every conceivable color variation and pattern. Geometric patterns and colorful embroidery, the designs are anything but boring. As for styling, we use white shirts and t-shirts as a contrast. The it-piece is combined with an oversize blouse and a laid-back blazer, THE must-have for the cold season.
Styling Tip: The undergarment can even be layered casually over the trench coat.

OUT: short blazer

Short blazers have been rediscovered again and again in recent seasons. The American stocking is not only difficult to combine, but also gives us the next cold. The main thing is short and to the point OUT, we are oversized and thick this fall and winter. We can do without the cropped blazer, reminiscent of the well-known bolero jackets.

DISCLAIMER: At the end of the day, you should wear what makes you feel most comfortable! Wear what you want to wear! We can follow trends and currents, but we must never let them lead us. Only YOU decide what goes in or out of your wardrobe this season!

Let’s stay sustainable!

While we feel like following new trends here, our wardrobes need room for new things. But what to do with all the old favorites? A great possibility is to accommodate the old trend pieces in the circle of friends. Another economical and ecologically efficient way to classify is to auction the old pieces on second-hand portals. There is always someone who is also happy with a trend from the last season.

Sources used: Getty Images, own research