Ángela Aguilar sets the tone with the perfect dress for young women this spring

Ángela Aguilar sets the tone with the perfect dress for young women this spring

Singer Angela Aguilar has become a benchmark for stylewhich shows with each of the looks, with which set fashionas he did with the perfect suit for young women who want to look spectacular this season spring.

The daughter of the regional musician Pepe Aguilar, had a fantastic year, because in addition to the release of several songs, and her album “Mexicana Enamorada”, with which she paid tribute to her grandmother, the artist Wild flowershe has also become a fashion icon and is all the rage on nets and red carpets.

Angela18 years old, she is also one of the most important artists of the regional genre, having already received dozens of awards at a young age, thus proving that she not only stands out for her beauty, but also that she has already been a model for various magazines, which she also sets an example for young women her age.

Ángela Aguilar is setting fashion this spring

With the popularity that the singer currently has for songs like “In reality”, “There where they see me” and “Llorona”, there are many pages on social networks that her fans dedicate to her as a tribute, and she has been in one of these where you could see the young woman wearing a great spring look.

In the picture you can see Angelasister of Aneliz Aguilarwho has also positioned herself on social networks as a fashion influencer, wearing a blue dress with a pattern of butterfly figures, an outfit with which the artist showed off her small waist.

The garment, which stands out for its color, which contrasts with the orange of the butterflies, attracts attention for its design with very long sleeves and transparencies, as well as having a nice “V” neckline with which the figure of who wears it, with whom it becomes a ideal look for young women who want to look great, just like you Angela Aguilar.

Photo: IG @angela__aguilar


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