Athleisure: the new trend that comes from teleworking

Athleisure: the new trend that comes from teleworking

the term Athletics born from the union of athletic with free time: literally it is the combination of athletics and leisure. In practice we can summarize it in fashion which allows you to wear sportswear to work, to university or to go out for dinner. A relaxed dress code that the music stars of the moment have imposed and that luxury brands with a classical tradition have included in their collections.

How to dress athleisure?

Fashion experts say the Athletics It won’t be a fad, and it’s hard to give up on comfort after enjoying it for a while. With the increase in teleworking due to the coronavirus pandemic, the sporty style is here to stay, especially among younger women, although this trend has also been adopted by men.

The colors that prevail in the Athletics They are white, beige, gray, brown, navy blue, black and neutral which offer sophistication and versatility when combined.

Brands like Mango, Zara, Oysho or H&M and designers like Ricardo Tisci and Alexander Wang have joined the phenomenon of Athletics and have incorporated this type of clothing into their latest collections. One step through the main streets of big cities is enough to catch the trend: sweatpants, sweatshirts, caps and sneakers dominate the shop windows.

Combine the different sportswear items with more casual ones without the result being Look neglect is the key. Although the basis of this trend is comfort, that does not mean that our appearance is that of having worn the first thing we took from the closet.


With athleisure you don’t have to just bring your own favorite sneakers when you go for a run. Knowing how to combine with balance those sports garments that you keep in the closet is essential. A pair of sweatpants or leggings with a blazeror a silk skirt with a sweatshirt are a perfect combination for a comfortable and refined result.


Difficult to find a woman who does not have a legging, a common leader among those who practice some kind of Athletic discipline. Although leggings are not suitable for going to the office, you can wear them for shopping or for a drink if you combine them with shirts, jackets, blazers and wool coats. Finally, wear some gym shoes to complete the Look SM fresh.

Victoria Beckham, sophisticated for going out in the evening with leggings and blazers.

Victoria Beckham, sophisticated for going out in the evening with leggings and blazers.gtres


the sweatshirts, especially if they are oversized, will be other allies in your informal looks. Avoid those that are too simple and dare with those that have some sophisticated detail or giant letters. You will be comfortable and your style will not go unnoticed.


The sweatpants or jogging pants It is a basic piece for those who practice yoga. However, you can currently find some models whose material gives it that point of originality. The ideal is to combine it with a shirt that acts as a counterpoint between sportswear and the most elegant one.

Gym shoes

Whether you only have a couple gym shoesAs if you were a real collector, we have been predicting for several years that no style can resist it: to step on a red carpet or run to work, sneakers are unrivaled. Celebrities and the royals do not hesitate to take them with jeansdresses or skirts ..


Caps, bucket hats, bags and backpacks are the accessories that will give that extra touch Athletics to your styles To be even more comfortable use style bags buyerdare to carry the gym bag in your day, now you can find models Vintage ▾ or quilted. You can also embed your own clothesa Crusader revolt.

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