because the series was groundbreaking and changed TV

because the series was groundbreaking and changed TV

To celebrate the decade of the series, publishers and fans of the HBO series tell us about the contribution of Girls on television, because it was a great time for the representation of women and young people on television.

Girls (2012).

Girls came on television with HBO in 2012. Before the series created by Lena Dunham, we had shows like Sex and city , gossip Girl , The OC, Dawson Creek And until Beverly Hills, 90210. All of them focused on teenagers and upper-class people with privileged lives and with each character very much pigeonholed into a stereotype. Besides the way they described sex, gender, identity crises and finances, it was heavily made up and bordering on innocence. Girls it has come to bring realism and came to show another face of youth and its problems: friendshipsex, family attachments, relations the professional and therefore existential crisis.

The characters played by Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Allison Williams and Zosia Mamet, come out of those stereotypes and conventions that television has emphasized so much. It changed the course of the e series thanks for the opening you gave, more real and bolder content has arrived than we see today. maybe series like euphoria they would not have arrived without the path he had prepared Girls.

Jonathan Saldaña, cultural editor

“The frankness of female fiction. It does not soften any aspect of the conflicts of youth. She shows them with depth, complex and without easy solutions. The first-person beat of its author is evident and moves naturally and ingeniously in the roll of everyday life without romanticizations. I also think one of her successes is not being a manicurist introduce good or bad characters in conventional terms, I really think it achieves the complexity of their psychological profiles and shows every possible angle of a single person.

“Footnote: I love Lena Dunham”