Biby Gaytán teaches style with these shorts, ideal for women over 40 |  PHOTOS

Biby Gaytán teaches style with these shorts, ideal for women over 40 | PHOTOS

There are clothes for all tastes, sizes and ages. However, some people feel that once a certain age is reached, there are clothes that are not appropriate to wear, which is a shame considering there are different styles that can be explored.

Fortunately, some actresses, models and singers have proven this regardless of age you can be beautiful with a dress, skirt or shortjust like the beautiful Bibi Gaytan.

At 50, who was the protagonist of the soap opera ‘Camila’ shows a sensational body, which allows her to look different clothes that highlight your figure.

Some are underrated, some are bold, and some are elegant, but everyone sticks to Fashion trends of the moment.

So if you just like the wife of Eduardo Capetillo if you want to opt for a sensational outfit for spring, you can choose a short denim shorts.

In addition to being comfortable, this type of clothing allows you to have an active day without suffering from hot flashes, also facilitating mobility and body ventilation.

In this case, Biby Gaytán chose a fringed shortwhich in addition to giving him a causal style to your lookallows you to focus your attention on her shapely and beautiful legs.

The actress completed her look with a floral print long sleeve blouse and a red bandana that contrasted perfectly with her braided hairstyle.

as accessories, Bibi Gaytan She chose a simple piece of jewelry made up of medium silver earrings, with which the finish of hers spring dress It was finished.


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Bibi Gaytanmore beautiful than ever, she dictates fashion in the color of the season and looks like a twenty year old