Birkin Bangs: The hair trend to look like French women

Birkin Bangs: The hair trend to look like French women

We all love classic looks that have stood the test of time in beauty and fashion. Therefore, we are not surprised to see that the marginal birkin to be reborn as one of the hottest beauty trends that blew away our social media feeds this spring.

Jane Birkin He was the influencer par excellence. This 1960s style icon was the inspiration for the iconic Hermès Birkin bag, but perhaps even more famous is her signature wavy bangs which became the hairstyle of his generation.

Birkina Londoner living in Paris combined her British cool girl background with the French style of his adopted city. Hence its elegant good times remain a muse of inspiration today.

Her badge was a simple, lighthearted and easygoing look, refined looking, but a little worn, as if she was too busy having fun and being fabulous to try too hard. That sounds exactly like our kind of party. As for the fringe, was famous for its flirtatious length and layered texture, cut smoothly and without a sharp line. The key was to make it look a little messy, like you let it air dry and ran your fingers through it to give it some movement as she walked out.

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