Bow blouses: the garment you need this spring to be elegant

Bow blouses: the garment you need this spring to be elegant

We were pleasantly surprised to see the blouses with bow survive the season Spring / Summer 2022. Their elegant aesthetic has made them transcend time, becoming the number one choice of the most successful women. Kamala Harris and Kate Middleton choose them as their own style basis to attend big events and celebrities prefer them when they attend a red carpet.

Between 7 stylish blouses by 2022 there is one of sophisticated character, romantic and completely versatile, we refer to the blouses with bows. His chameleonic presence led him to be considered a basic fashion, therefore, it is worth remembering that its silhouette will rewrite the new dress codes. The Leader of the girls they have externalized them with tailored suits, just as Saint Laurent directed him in the 60s with his Tuxedo.

The new stylistic directions have changed a bit, and today they teach that casual outfits will be glorified by more refined blouse Of all times. So, being inspired by the following combinations will be the precise key to originating your own Style guideand, of course, getting the title of best dressed of summer.

How to combine blouses with bows in Spring-Summer 2022?

In a glam-rock key

Blouses with bows and mini dresses, the duo that swear by styling.

Claudio Lavenia

The trendy blouses They navigate between casual and avant-garde finishes. However, the asphalt showed a piece that is the perfect hybrid between the two, a white shirt with bow and wrapped sleeves. This has been cleverly unified into a sumptuous minidress. To give it more prominence, high boots and a mini bag were connected.

One color ends

Andrew Gn, Spring / Summer 2022.

Anne Combaz / Andrew Gn / Gorunway