Caps are stylish now and the must-have accessory for 2022, as these runway looks prove.

Caps are stylish now and the must-have accessory for 2022, as these runway looks prove.

Caps are making a comeback: once a part of American sports, they can now also be found in numerous collections from major fashion houses.

The fact that caps were more of an accessory that we only wore on days with the most complicated hair or a casual look is a thing of the past. For several years, this accessory has been an integral part of the collections of major fashion houses. Originally a part of the traditional baseball uniform, they now find the perfect way to combine elegant style with a touch of nonchalance.

Part of its growing popularity may be due to the fact that it rose to fame a few years ago when suburban New York brand New Era popularized the piece as the official partner of virtually every American sports team. But the fact that they have been placed at the forefront of the fashion world is also due to the fact that they are a neutral accessory that has proven to combine with all kinds of outfits.

How will we wear caps in fall/winter 2022?

Coach, Fall 2022.


Style icon Princess Diana once had her eye on this fashion accessory.

Big fashion houses like Tom Ford, Off-White, Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Dior and Coach decided to make caps a trendy fashion accessory. Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani and Lindsay Lohan wore them a few decades ago, and even Princess Diana wore them with mom jeans and graphic sweatshirts. In 2022 they have a very reduced design, without frills and superfluous details, which allows them to be combined with simple garments worn by elegant women.

Coach’s latest collection, unveiled in New York, shows them nostalgic in combinations that feel imported from the ’90s: distressed shearling jackets, printed T-shirts, paired with leather skirts and vests, knitted dresses and coats. with grunge characters are part of Stuart Vevers’ attempt to bring a new generation on board. As for the accessories, there were also necklaces that complemented the outfits, as well as colored square-frame sunglasses, with the hats being the ones that stood out the most.

Caps were the must-have accessory at Coach’s Fall/Winter 2022 show.Isidore Montag/Gorunway

The on-trend accessory takes center stage with classic leather Coach

Minimalist leather styles in brown and black were presented with combinations of voluminous coats and flowing high-waisted pants, as well as knitted or lace mini dresses, leather ensembles and oversized coats with graffiti prints. The brand also used pastel purple, lime green and electric orange, as well as some pops of color in brown and beige.

Where have we seen the hats that we will wear in Autumn/Winter 2022?

Christian Dior, before fall 2022

Christian Dior/Gorunway.