Cavalleria Toscana, the brand that the daughters of Gates and Springteen like-

Cavalleria Toscana, the brand that the daughters of Gates and Springteen like-

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The brand specializing in sportswear for the equestrian world creates tailored garments with technological fabrics. And it has been enriched with an Academy to train professional athletes

The founders of Cavalleria Toscana, Jonathan Sitzia and Alessandro Ambrosino, are former carabinieri paratroopers. We come from the military world, for seven years we have been in the special departments of the weapon, says Sitzia. They met in the department of Tuscania, which since 1976 has had a parachuting section. Between one release and another we discovered that we have a common passion, horses. We studied the sector and realized how static it was, but also with important business possibilities. Founded in 2008, Cavalleria Toscana today is a public limited company based in Montecatini, a brand specializing in sportswear for the equestrian world and accessories for jumping and dressage. It has a turnover of 15 million euros and has become rich with an Academy to train high-level professional athletes and has clients of important names such as Jessica Springsteen, Jennifer Gates, Athina Onassis and Georgia Bloomberg.

The increase in membership

To design the four annual collections Alessio Meoni, one of those Toscanacci who began his career doing internships in small businesses where everything else has to be done, from the creation of the styling to the hemming of the pants, from the cotton shirt to the technological fabric. Now that I’m 50, I’m putting everything I’ve learned to good use, he says. Cavalleria Toscana is above all luxury, technology and comfort. Horse riding is a sport that requires availability, continues Sitzia. Nevertheless, In this time of pandemic, the membership of FISE (Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports) has increased by 53% in one year (2020-2021) to 170 thousand units. The outdoor characteristics of horse riding are encouraged through the promotion of recreational play activities (also through the birth of new hypotamines), big events.

The complete calendar, starting with the next appointment with Piazza di Siena (2022 edition scheduled from May 25 to 29) in the European Endurance Championship. Then, the Tour of the Champions of Italy, the team show jumping circuit launched by Fieracavalli, FISE and the Arezzo Equestrian Center, four stages where couples compete for a total prize of 150,000 euros. The supply chain that revolves around the world of the stables is an important reality, it generates an induced activity capable of affecting the national GDP of up to 3,200 million euros (data from Luiss Business School-Fise) between horse care and events. In this framework, Cavalleria Toscana has created its identity.

We also dress the horse

We not only dress Amazons and riders, but also the horse. Let us consider the binomial. We produce exclusive garments with functional and performance technical aspects with sports activity, says Meoni. The three-button jacket loses its traditional stiffness to ensure freedom of movement. The pants become very stretchy. Compared to other sports, athletes wear their uniforms most of the day. They have no way to switch between races. It is important that the garments guarantee breathability. We use innovative technical fabrics without forgetting the elegance of “made in Italy”, recalls Meoni.

the company matters today 300 points of sale from the US to the United Arab Emirates and projects such as the Academy. We work with nutritionists, mental trainers, osteopaths, but also veterinarians and marketing specialists to bring pairs to the highest levels of sports performance. Meanwhile, Cavalleria Toscana paraded with the S/S22 collection on the occasion of the Fieracavalli presentation that took place at the Arezzo Equestrian Center during the Toscana Tour 2022. The Veronese event, now in its 124th edition, returns to its original format of four days, from November 3 to 6, 2022 in Veronafiere. The most important international exhibition dedicated to the equestrian world reinforces the sports program with the finals of the national 124×124 jumping circuits and the Italian Champions Tour, then the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup. Golden Gala, with internationally renowned artists and spectacular costumes. In Verona, we will also talk about the experimental project Riding the Blue coordinated by Professor Leonardo Zoccante to have thehippotherapy by the National Health Service as a practice for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder in children. And the fair will be broadcast live on Cavalleria Toscana’s social networks.

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