Choosing personalized sportswear: Clever’s strong point

Choosing personalized sportswear: Clever’s strong point

Running on Monday mornings dressing up T-shirt “Winning” with sweat in the race on the last Sunday is a well-established ritual for many runners, who wear it superstitiously to launch themselves immediately towards the next finish line or wear it as a medal for a new result achieved. In the most important events it is usually the “gift” from the technical sponsor, in the smaller races the distinctive sign and many times sought by the organizers to stand out among dozens of other competing races.

Races that have also become a moment to become individual protagonists, celebrating the finish line with a new dedicated jersey (such as the New York Marathon) or an opportunity for sports clubs to show off their uniform designed and made in every detail. .

Not everyone, however, is always clear about how to navigate the labyrinth of the world ofsportswear and find the best answer to your needs. “It always depends on what you are looking for – he explained to us Alexander RossoSales and Order Manager Intelligent -. We offer the solution“.

Intelligent is a family business in the Milan area, founded in 1983 by Lorenzo Rosso in the paper market. It has evolved and developed over time and, since the 1990s, has focused on sale and manufacture of workwear, casual and sportswear.

“We handle everything from CAD to cutting to customization. Based on the requests of our clients, we are always able to give the best response to their needs. And that has allowed us to evolve in many sectors, even different from one another”, Alessandro tells us, a past as an athlete and tennis player, and who thanks to his background and a succession of knowledge based on word of mouth, has always was able to go deeper and focus on the Sports world. “We started with tennis, which today still occupies more than half of our sports market, but with time and experience we diversified into many other disciplines such as fitness, swimming, crossfit, soccer, volleyball, golf, water polo, rugby. and athletics course. We produce and supply everything from training and competition kits, through material for events, to articles and accessories that are given away to members with registration. But also all the clothing for the employees of the larger structures.”