Circular fashion has also arrived in the world of children: this is how you earn and save the planet |  Lifetime

Circular fashion has also arrived in the world of children: this is how you earn and save the planet | Lifetime

The arrival of a child into the world causes an impact on the environment, which parents try to erase by selling the rope and baby items that are no longer used.

The birth of a child not only leaves a mark on their families, but also on the planet. And it is that every newborn requires a large amount of baby products, many of which are piled up somewhere in the house or in the garbage.

Giving a new life to children’s things has become a slogan in recent times, led by all who seek to create awareness of caring for the planet.

but how to do it? Where to take those baby clothes that no longer fit after a couple of months or the cars they no longer use or the millions of toys that have been forgotten?

Many give these products to acquaintances with children, but they also have enormous economic potential. The data from tredUp, a famous thrift shop, show that the new generations of parents – aware of the impact that birth has on the environment – are increasingly open to giving a “second chance” to clothing and used objects.

Rosa Martínez knows this, who after the birth of her son Salvador launched, a platform that operates according to the concept of triple impact: it facilitates the reintroduction of used clothing for children into the economy; It allows households to generate income from its sale and has a positive impact on reducing carbon emissions.

This e-commerce facilitates the marketing of these products and helps parents manage the sale of these items, which often “becomes a problem”.

“QQBB benefits those who sell, but also mothers and fathers who need to buy clothing and children in excellent condition at affordable prices. We take care of the logistics so that they can enjoy what they love most: their children ”, explains the entrepreneur.

Selling and buying clothes or other items on is very simple, just enter the site and create an account. The platform operates according to the commission model e It has 2 types of plans: Free Sale (20% commission), which has a sales management tool that guides users through the item selling process.

Instead, there is the “Take my piece off (50% commission) system: the perfect model for busy families who need a hand to free up space in the closet.

Finally, the project was selected in 2021 by Corfo in the Seed Starts line. Additionally, its founder was chosen in 2020 to be part of a group of female entrepreneurs at Oracle for Startups.