Combining cycling shorts: This is how the spring 2022 trend is worn

Combining cycling shorts: This is how the spring 2022 trend is worn

Cycling shorts were with us through the summer of last year and can also be worn outside the yoga studio again in 2022. But there are a few things to keep in mind to keep the look consistent. We have the three most beautiful ways of how to make yours Combine cycling shorts may.

This is what you will learn about combining cycling shorts:

Combine cycling shorts: Also suitable for those who do not like sports

Cycling shorts can do a lot. They are great for, surprise, riding a bike because nothing can get tangled up in the spokes and even the highest mountain no risk of sweat stains in awkward places. The same applies to other types of sports: In the summer, cycling shorts are also popular for yoga or running.

In the ’80s, the trend was born out of the brightly colored aerobics scene. It’s been back for a few years now, and not just in a sporting context. Like flared pants or Birkenstocks biker shorts also went the way of hipster fashion, to establish itself over time as a highlight of popular fashion. As spring has started its season, today we show you the most beautiful looks and we explain how you can combine your cycling shorts.

1. It always works: cycling shorts with a white T-shirt

combine cycling shorts
Caroline Ebo wears bright green cycling shorts with a white t-shirt. Photo: Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Caroline Ebo shows how the classic look of cycling shorts can be upgraded for spring. Instead of black, her pants are bright green, like them. matching accessories such as shoes and bags. Cool sunglasses and statement jewelry complete the look. Is it too colorful for you? Then stick with the classic black cycling shorts. It is only important that your shirt reaches the buttocks, has an oversize casual cut and that you wear the look with pretty jewels that are a bit sporty.

2. The transition shorts with boots

Combine cycling shorts
Elise Soho combines her cycling shorts with knitwear and boots. Photo: Jeremy Moller/Getty Images

How do you style a look that includes the word “transition”? Right, doing it as Elise Soho. He wears his cycling shorts with a tone-on-tone combination of a knitted sweater and a blazer. (both edgy oversized, of course) and fashion boots in black. Here, too, the magic is in the length of the blouses: the shorter the pants, the longer the sweater and jacket should be. By the way, the crazy boots are from Gia Borghini (and it cost a whopping €550). But you can also find cheaper replicas, for example from Greetings.

3. With cycling shorts to Berghain

Combine cycling shorts
A guest at fashion week wears an all-black biker shorts look. Photo: Jeremy Moller/Getty Images

Saturday night, finally dancing in the club again and you feel comfortable, but at the same time, a cool (and let’s be honest: sexy) outfit? Then this Berlin Fashion Week guest is a great inspiration. She combines biker shorts with a black crop top, a long blazer, and chunky boots. Please keep your jacket on (at least until the darkroom).

Combine cycling shorts: One pants, three looks

Cycling shorts can be used for much more than sports! If you pay attention to three tiny little things, you can wear them for almost any occasion (the exceptions are job interviews and weddings). It is always important that a) matched top is not too short or a blazer or cardigan is worn over a short blouse. Y b) that the pants fit well. If it’s too big, it will wrinkle and if it’s too small, it won’t be able to breathe. And c) Make sure the look is not too sporty. Beautiful jewelry, a large bag, your favorite boots or heels evoke a sleek and elegant look from your cycling shorts.

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