Converse Chucks are ageless: Here’s how the popular sneaker look is worn today

Converse Chucks are ageless: Here’s how the popular sneaker look is worn today

These sneaker looks prove: This is how we wear Converse Chucks in our 30s and 40s!

I don’t know if there are sneakers that last longer than Converse Chucks. There are endless trends that come and go with each new season, but there are certain examples that, although they are very fleeting outfits, endure over the years. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star was launched in 1917 and at the time was closely associated with an aesthetic that has evolved over the years: sport. In the 1930s, few would have imagined that a shoe bearing an athlete’s signature would become a revolutionary icon like no other.

The sneaker has now become firmly established in everyday life.

With the many innovations that have been seen in Converse Chucks over the years, there is sure to be a pair of these shoes for every woman in the coming seasons that best represents her style.

Sports shoes have become an integral part of our shoe range. They are fully integrated into everyday life and have even found their way into the basic collection of the most elegant woman. The comfort and functionality that characterize them have definitely made them the best investment when it comes to sneakers, whatever the season. See here how you can implement the looks with Converse Chucks.

9 Converse Chuck Look Ideas That Suit the 30s, 40s and 50s

Converse Chucks with dresses

The advantage of basic cabinets is that they can be used in all possible ways. From the photos of fashionistas, you can immediately see that these are the perfect sneakers to combine with knitted dresses, models with a flowing texture (they can be enhanced with accessories) or extra-long creations with side slits.

Sandro, spring/summer 2022. Sandro/Gorunway.