Cynthia Rodríguez wears a stylish miniskirt for under 900 pesos

Cynthia Rodríguez wears a stylish miniskirt for under 900 pesos

The driver Cinzia Rodriguez she was able to win the affection of the public with her work in “Venga la alegría” and also of fashionistas at heart, for each of the clothes that she wears in the program and shares on her social networks, where we can see much better every detail of the clothes she wears.

The most recent Look stands out for many elements that scream “trend!” and that they will look amazing on all those women they love miniskirtsthe sets, the clothes elegant and bright colors.

Cynthia Rodríguez’s look makes us love the more intense orange

The Azteca TV host looks amazing with a dress that confirms the tone orange is a favorite of the spring season, consisting of a miniskirt elegant with flounces ea jacket cropped with nice details.

There is no room for error in her styling and she pairs her outfit very well with high gold sandals, with delicate straps that hug the ankle. Her accessories are of the same tone, highlighting long earrings and, on her hands, a fine bracelet and ring.

Photo: Instagram @cynoficial

It must be said that the combination of orange with gold it is a winning bet, especially for women who have been identified more in colorimetry as having a warm complexion. If you think gold looks better on you than silver and your skin tans more golden than red, then you might be part of this group.

The miniskirt is fashionable in the spring

This garment that was born in the sixties as a symbol of women’s liberation is among the fashion trends spring 2022. This is the miniskirtwith all the intention of capital letters, because it stands out in one of the colors that strongly imposes itself on the trends of the moment: fluorescent orange.

Photo: Zara

The structured cut and the flounces on the bottom express elegance in a single piece. The miniskirt It is made of cotton and has a finish that seems to cost more 899 pesos that distinguishes the Zara label.

Photo: Zara

The matching cropped vest: irresistible

The store delivers jacket cropped to match the skirt and, as we could see in the outline of Cinzia Rodriguezframes a very pretty figure because the miniskirt It is high-waisted and the length of the vest ends there, defining the waist.

Photo: Zara

The details are very interesting, on the one hand it comes with the wings that draw a V-neck, perfect for those who love to wear necklaces or chokers (if you have a short neck better avoid them). On the other hand, we see in harmony six buttons with a tone identical to that of the jacket and some false pockets that do not manage to saturate.

Photo: Zara

Both garments can be worn with others, separately, with denim pieces clothes more casual or with more glamorous ones in shades such as black, white or beige for more sophisticated outfits. being orangethey can be perfectly combined with color blocks, combined with royal blue, emerald green or fuchsia.

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