Dj, music and disco weather at high altitude and selfies on the (not) frozen lake in mid-April. What future for the mountains? Is everything now or less is more?

TRENTO. We must act quickly, in fact, we must act immediately. need a mountain tourism development plan, to serve brave choices, impactful initiatives in one direction or another, a vision is needed which takes into account the fact that we are talking about natural places as well as beautiful places and therefore everyone wants to see. You have to decide what kind of model you want to go for: the all and immediately or the one of less is more (less is more for lovers of anglicisms). In it in the first case, nature will somehow be sacrificedthose places that everyone wants to see today will become inflated, kind of playground, with some speed yes will deteriorate causing the fauna and flora to disappear to make room for structures comfortable and accessiblelights and speakers, ski lifts (because walking is not for everyone) and lodging establishments with ample income for local communities that for a few generations will be able to fully count on “everything and immediately”.

In parallel rescue services will have to be strengthened and don’t be surprised if any ‘hiker’ in sneakers will end up trapped at a great height or after having slipped will need rescue or if panic attacks and tiredness relief multiply more and moreor. This Easter bridge has plastically shown what we are telling: in Province of Bolzano on Lake Braies and in Trentino on the Panarotta. In the first case, as is known, hundreds of totally unsuspecting tourists to live even one afternoon in a mountain environment (among other things very anthropized) dressed in a miniskirt and heels or with a sweatshirt and sneakers, despite the fact that the lake was covered by a very thin layer of ice, they decided to climb on it and walk inside it for tens of meters.

The result is known: fourteen people in 48 hours ended up in the water, including a 4-month-old baby ploaded on his lap in that death trap and ended up in an emergency at the hospital in Innsbruck (thankfully out of harm’s way) and a rescue machine working non-stop to save these unsuspecting tourists in search of the perfect selfie. The classic day of outdoor disco fun. nothing exceptional, be clear, something seen and reviewed, nothing dangerous or irregular and indeed, compared to similar events held elsewhere in the past, perhaps even better managed and better organized.

but what does it matter andrea damante, model, dj and tv personality from Temptation Island and GfVip with panarota, with the mountains, with the silence, the forests and nature? The answer is obvious. As well as the result of such a proposal: everything (sold out) and immediately (guaranteed fun). and that you are at almost 1,800 meters above sea level or on a Riccione beach the difference does not change. The the concept is identical: music, DJ, the cool character, the stunning surrounding scenery. Handsome. But is this the tourism development model to follow? The mountain as a beach for mass tourism? More and more accessible, more and more close to the city, more and more man-made and suitable for nightwear or sportswear?

There an arduous answer falls to politics but in any case, sooner or later, the knot will be untied: understand what you want to be is also important to make it better. Is everything now or less is more?