Does Irene Grandi have children?  What is the name of her husband?  All about the singer’s private life

Does Irene Grandi have children? What is the name of her husband? All about the singer’s private life

Who is Irene Grandi’s husband? What’s your name? Do you have children? In our article all the details about it!

irene grandi she is one of the singers who, especially between the 1990s and the 2000s, made the history of Italian pop-rock music hit after hit. The greatest singer-songwriters of the square have written songs for it, mainly Vasco Rossi. If her success is indisputable, less is known about the artist’s personal environment. Let’s get to know better together all the details and curiosities about her private life: is she married? She has children? Here are the answers!

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Does Irene Grandi have children?

Irene Grandi has never had children. The singer has never made a statement about it, but it is possible to assume that, given the great success achieved at an early age and then continued over time, Grandi has made the decision to give priority to his career.

What is the name of Irene Grandi’s husband?

Does Irene Grandi have a husband? The answer to this question is absolutely yes! In fact, the singer is married to lorenzo doni in 2018. The living man works as a lawyer and is, like her, of Florentine origin. This is how he conquered it, according to Grandi herself:

He was looking for me, he sent messages, but it took me a while, I didn’t understand: he capitulated because of the insistence.

Irene Grandi and Lorenzo Doni

Irene Grandi and Lorenzo Doni

Before this happy marriage, the artist was already married: after only a month of knowing each other, in fact, Irene had gone to Las Vegas to marry Alexander Carotti. It was the year 2015 and the divorce came before the beginning of 2016. It seems that the ex-wife, at that time manager of a sportswear store, left the house too often with friends, always leaving the singer alone. By the man’s own admission, she would have led a life decidedly too wild and not in harmony with the bond of marriage. For this, the termination of the relationship inevitably came too soon.

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