Elden Ring: Best Wizard Build

Elden Ring: Best Wizard Build

In Elden Ring, magic is considered to be one of the most powerful tools players can wield to roam the world of Between Lands. Therefore, many Tainted refer to magic as the true easy mode, since all the bosses can be eliminated with ease. We will show you how to create the best easy mode for you.

Magic has been used throughout FromSoftware’s games as a powerful tool to destroy masses of enemies, but also bosses from a safe distance. This is no different in Elden Ring, but the spells have changed and the necessary soft and hard limits have been adjusted.

Magic is as good as ever and that’s why there’s always a lively discussion about the supposed Easy Mode build.

The build we are showing you is completely focused on Wisdom and Spells combined with an additional melee weapon. So if your FP runs out and you can no longer cast spells, you have a good alternative to make opponents run away.

Here’s how to level correctly for this build

Why is this construction so strong? Mage builds that focus solely on lore are powerful because they allow you to dominate mid-range and especially ranged combat with powerful spells.

So our featured build not only covers all ranks to get rid of pesky enemies, but also gives you the ability to deal massive damage to bosses. To do this, however, you must be flexible, dress appropriately for each situation, and equip the necessary spells.

What is the best way to level up for this build? His main attribute that he will focus on when he levels up is “Wisdom”. The higher your wisdom, the stronger your spells will become.

Also, you can equip better items that increase your damage numbers by many times. Also, a high level of the “ghost” attribute is required to be able to cast spells more often.

Our build is intended for more advanced players and is level 150. We also pay attention to “soft limits”, that is, values ​​after which investments are hardly worth it:

Elden Ring Mage Build Stats 1
These are the stats you need
  • Our Tainted in this build has the Drifter origin
  • To give your spells the necessary power, you need 80 wisdom points.
    • This is the maximum limit: you should not make any more investments above the maximum limit, since you will no longer get any worthwhile bonuses.
  • We’ve gone for 20 Strength and 14 Dexterity here so you can wield the Medusa Shield and the Ultimate Mage Weapon – the Darkmoon Greatsword from Ranni’s quest.
  • Ghost has been boosted enough by 40 to allow you to fully upgrade your blue FP bar with a Bottle of Tears of Heaven +12
  • You can choose your strength and condition freely, we have divided our remaining points between 35 and 24 points
    • This gives us enough stamina to take a few hits with our greatsword and enough hit points to take some damage.

If you also want to play long-term PvP, you should be careful not to take your character above level 150. The community currently sees this as a meta level and has largely agreed not to level up beyond that.

Because you only find players in PvP who are similar in level to you, you can hardly track down opponents with too high a level. Because you have to redistribute all ‘bought’ levels when re-training, you can’t reduce this investment again – the only saving grace here is a completely new character.

However, this value of 150 is not set in stone yet. For example, some people in the community think that 125 should be the target level.

Weapons and wands for wizard construction.

This is our choice: Since Wisdom is being pushed to the extreme in this build, there isn’t much room to consider other attributes. That is why we chose the following teams:

  • First weapon on the right – Darkmoon Greatsword
    • For close combat to save FP
  • Second weapon to the right – Carian Royal Scepter
    • To attack normal enemies
  • Third weapon from the right – Lusat’s Shimmerstone Staff

Since wands are only good if they have a high spell scaling, the choice of wands is very limited.

Therefore, we have equipped two glowstone staffs in our right hand, as they both have their uses.

Elden Ring Loadout Mage Build
This is what the items you need look like

Lusat’s Staff is considered the best staff to deal the most damage, but at the cost of higher FP consumption when cast. It’s not worth it if you’re traveling and want to take on higher New Game Plus runs where enemies take more damage and you have to cast spells more often.

That’s why we’re also including the “Carian Royal Scepter” because it still has a solid spell scaling and consumes less FP when you cast it.

The shield “Medusa Shield” finds its place on the left hand, as it not only absorbs 100% physical damage, but also gives you a damage buff. The buff appears as soon as you activate the associated talent.

When the buff is activated, you need to hold the shield in your left hand, so it can be perfectly used with a wand. You benefit from a damage bonus and can still protect yourself.

If you want to learn more about shields, we have the right guide for you here:

Top 3 Shields in Elden Ring with Location – That’s What Makes Them So Good

Which magic hat is correct?

You should have these with you: When using magic, it is important to consider the individual helmet. There are specimens that strengthen different types of magic or give you a boost in your attributes. We have selected the following for you:

You decide which hat or crown you want to wear. However, it would be a good idea to use Shimmerstone’s Azure Crown if you want to use the Azure Comet spell against a boss. This makes the spell stronger, but you use more FP when you cast it.

However, if you are only traveling, you must wear the large preceptor’s hat. Not only does this look great, but it boosts your spirits by three points. However, his stamina suffers minimally.

What talismans should I take? We can only give you a recommendation on your selection as each player has their own priorities when it comes to bonuses. Despite the recommendation, you are free to decide which talisman you want to use or replace. These are our talismans:

  • Idol Mass Talisman: Significantly increases the effects of sorcery.
  • Primal Brightstone Blade: Spells consume less FP but reduce max HP
  • Radagon icon: Reduce casting time
  • Great Dragon Shield Charm: Greatly increases resistance to physical damage.
Elden Ring Magic Construction Talisman
These are the talismans

We included the Great Dragon Shield Talisman in our selection because as mages we have low hitpoints, but also low defense due to light armor. This talisman gives you a small boost to your overall defense so you can take more hits.

You should also pay attention to this: Don’t forget your bottle of wonderful medicine. With it, thanks to Tears of the Elden Trees, you can create tinctures that give you special bonuses. In boss fights, it is worth using the mixture “Celestial Blue Mystery Tear” and “Opal Bubble Tear”.

Elden Ring Tincture of Magical Tears
This is what tears look like

Not only can you summon Azur’s Comet for a short time with no FP costs, but you also get an impenetrable bubble that protects you from any damage. However, this bubble will burst once you get hit.

The best spells for the construction of the mage.

What spells should I use? Again, we can only give you our recommendation as Elden Ring has many spells that could be useful to any wizard. However, we show you the following magic that you should not miss:

  • Azure Comet: Launch a big kite
    • Good spell to destroy bosses with laser,
  • Ranni’s Dark Moon: Summons a cold, dark moon and throws it at enemies.
    • Good for destroying enemies in a moderate radius – Freezes enemies and makes them vulnerable to magic damage.
  • Adula Moonblade: Follow a sweeping cut with an icy blade missile
    • Good for freezing many opponents with a horizontal slash and also for intercepting from a distance.
  • Loretta’s Great Bow: Shoot a big arrow with a big magic bow
    • Fires a fierce and accurate large arrow that can be charged
  • Magic land: Increases the magical power of those inside the seal.
    • Cast a sigil on the ground, increasing your magic spells in area of ​​effect

That’s all we need to know about our best mage build for Elden Ring. You can change or accept many of our recommendations as you wish. However, be careful with the maximum limit of your wisdom and the talisman of the mass of idols to deal maximum damage from your magic.

What do you think of these guides? Have you taken any other spells and what talismans do you think are good for a magical build? Let us know how you feel about it in the comments!