Fashion & Fashion – Styling Tips from Martina Reuters: Shop Right Online

Fashion & Fashion – Styling Tips from Martina Reuters: Shop Right Online

When you can enjoy a few days off, the online shopping night often starts again. NÖN style expert Martina Reuter gives tips on what to look out for.

Everyone knows it: You calm down, you go into fashion companies and your shopping cart gets more and more full.

My advice: First look at what you would like to order, fill the shopping cart, and then close the laptop without having ordered anything. Just a day or two later you need to look back and think about what you really need. Many of you are probably familiar with the situation: you order too much and suddenly high shipping costs appear. Large suppliers buy from different companies and each individual company collects shipping costs.

But how do I find the right online store for me? We must distinguish between two types: those online stores that are directly from the fashion brand and large providers such as Amazon or teleshopping providers that represent several brands.

I always think that it is better to already know the brand and order directly from there. With a large supplier, you often fall into the trap of high shipping costs, as in many cases they do not ship themselves, but rather via a second or third party. This results in too high shipping costs, which are not visible in the first place.

Finding the right size is easy

How do I find the right size and also the one that fits me well? If you buy from a brand that you already know, you will never really have the problem that it does not fit you well. Of course, you can often find a dress, skirt, sweater, and even shoes online where you don’t know the size 100 percent. Here it is worth looking at the measurements to know how long the top is, how wide or how long the back is. Shoe sizes are often given in centimeters. If you measure yourself (how long is my foot, how long does my top have to be, do I have long arms or short arms) and you know all these measurements, you can go back to the descriptions in the online store and find the right one. correct accordingly find the size. This saves you a lot of hassle when trying it out.