Fashion trend: three ways we will wear feathers this winter

Fashion trend: three ways we will wear feathers this winter

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3 ways to use feathers in everyday life

Three ways to follow the feather trend this winter: Adut Akech in plumage

Adut Akech in a feather dress on the catwalk of the Valentino Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2020 show

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Velvet, corduroy, sequins and glitter: in December we are going to delve into the fabric box. However, if you want to stand out this year, you can puff up with these it-pieces: feathers, feathers and more feathers now adorn dresses, tops and pants!

The faux plumage adds an extra touch of glamor to the already festive look of the holiday season. Feathers have always been a part of the world of fashion, whether it be in shoes, clothes or jewelry. This winter the little birds tweeted at us that the feathered fashion trend is back. We tell you how you can follow the trend without having to put on the big plumage right away.

Feathers in the world of fashion.

Meanwhile, the feather trend has also reached the big fashion houses. Creative director Alessandro Michele sent models light as a feather down the Gucci catwalk at “Love Parade.” In the past, feathers were considered a luxury item that was very hard to come by and therefore had a certain status symbol. It was only through industrialization that pens, like luxury fashion, became democratized and thus accessible to the general public. Today, the fluffy trend reminds us wistfully of the glamorous divas of earlier fashion eras.

feathers in pajamas

Silk pajamas have already become more and more popular in street style over the last year. Now the already cozy two-piece suit gets a fun update. Feathers on the sleeves and trouser legs give the original silk pajamas a touch of glamor and turn the two-piece suit into a trendy nightwear in no time.

Just pair a pair of high heels and the look is ready for the holidays. Especially in classic black with white details, feathered pajamas are a timeless eye-catcher, even after the holidays.

Feather Tipped Tops

If you want to go really fluffy with the trend and don’t just want to wear feathers around the hem, you can turn heads with a full feather top. With an off-the-shoulder style and a slightly cropped look, the fashion piece looks youthful, playful and glamorous at the same time. With this trend, you can go deeper into the color palette. For the holidays, we don’t want to limit ourselves to dark red, black, and bright green! Bring on the bright colors. Because if we want to get attention, then we really want to do it.

feather dresses

If you want to completely detach yourself from the feather trend, you should opt for the complete feather look in the form of a dress. In the current collections of Valentino or Yves Saint Laurent, feather dresses are elegantly staged. And for those who thought the feather trend meant we had to do without other classic holiday details, here it is: glitter and sequins also work well with the feather dress, completing the festive look. More is more!

Spring looks for beginners

Chrissy Teigen with a pencil case in Los Angeles, November 2021

Chrissy Teigen with a pencil case in Los Angeles, November 2021

© Bellocqimages/Bauer-Griffin via / Getty Images

However, if these three feather looks are too much for you, little by little you can dare to approach the trend and start with an accessory. Do you want some feathers in your shoe or purse? American model Chrissy Teigen shows how it’s done. She carries a feather-detailed bag to match her colorful two-piece outfit. Subtle and still a real eye-catcher.

Disclaimer: Simply adorn yourself with someone else’s feathers? Is that ethical? Just as the meaning of wearing feathers has changed over the centuries, so has the origin of the material. Artificial feathers are mainly used for fashion items.

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