Fashion trends from ‘rave’ to ‘prep’: Google’s top style trends for 2021 prove image is everything

Fashion trends from ‘rave’ to ‘prep’: Google’s top style trends for 2021 prove image is everything

According to Google, these are the most searched fashion trends in 2021

Google just released its Year in Search data in its year-over-year review, detailing the terms with the highest year-over-year growth. And what are the most requested fashion trends in Google searches in 2021? Following the search for 2020 top trends “Indie Style”, Google is digging deeper into the world of niche trends with its 2021 data, no doubt fueled by the continued popularity of TikTok. Among the top 10 types of outfits tracked by Google this year are “rave outfits,” “preppy outfits,” “country-style outfits,” “90s outfits,” and “festival outfits,” suggesting that people looking for fashion tips want to be a part of indie aesthetics or trends.

But while a renewed interest in voracity or grooming suggests that subcultures are making a comeback, the way these terms are used online, particularly on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, points in a different direction. Rather than rave in Bushwick or have lunch at the country club, many young millennials and Gen Z fashionistas see these subcultures less as ideological movements than aesthetic movements. Fashion trends are unrelated to belonging to a group. Dressing like a raver has little to do with being a raver, and that’s a mindset that will be hard for older millennials, Gen Xers, and boomers to grasp. Dressing up as a group you didn’t belong to was a mortal sin and the punishment was severe: you were either an “imposter” or a “traitor”.

Belonging to a subculture is no longer relevant to choosing a fashion trend

In 2016, stylist and fashion expert Lotta Volkova predicted this change in an interview with The Business of Fashion magazine: “Obviously there are no more subcultures to explore, at least not in the Western world. It’s more about remixing information.” he explained. “Today’s kids, the new generations, think differently. They don’t even know what a subculture is. It’s not relevant to them.”

Google’s trending data backs up his point. While in the past, garments and aesthetics said something about who wore them (only true punks wore plaid pants and safety pins, while true fitters shopped at Ralph Lauren), today, shoppers can walk in and get out of fashion movements without ignoring the deeper implications and historical connotations. of their glances to be aware.

The endless supply of fashion videos on TikTok shows both sides: Some use the platform as a catwalk to try out new aesthetics every hour, while others use it as an educational platform to immerse themselves in new Gen Z trends, such as ” subversive basics”. as defined by tipster Agustina Panzoni on her TikTok feed @thealgorhythm as a catchall for sexy essentials after Helmut Lang, and “Avant Basic,” a look defined by fashion editor Emma Hope Allwood on Twitter and cute spiral patterns, Christmas plaid jeans, and includes Ettore Sottsass’s ubiquitous pink mirror.

What do all the fashion trends coming out of the net mean?

The question is that if everything is aesthetic, what does all that mean? Is there a connection between the Y2K revival and the #FreeBritney movement or is it just a coincidence? Full of irony, Google’s top trends are reminiscent of K-Hole group’s trend forecasts from the early 2010s. The trend agency predicted Normcore in 2015 with uncanny accuracy, forecasting the rise of dad pants and white sneakers, but looking back, nothing in 2015 was completely normal. We were on the threshold of a global political and social upheaval.

As I look forward to 2022, I can’t help but be suspicious of all the independent trends everywhere. Is everyone really “100% crazy” or adjusting to an internet culture geared towards speed, visual impact and meme-generating ability means even the regulars among us need to point out a little weirdness? Maybe we’ll find out when we all turn off our smartphones.

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