Fit boxing: what is it and what are the benefits

Fit boxing: what is it and what are the benefits

Fun because to the beat of the music and effective because it trains the body. Since the early 2000s, fit boxing has been very popular in gyms and fitness centers, an aerobic activity that allows you to stay fit and lose a few extra pounds.

When the goal is not to fight, but just to be healthy physical aptitudehere you can start talking about boxing fit. Punches and kicks, but also knees and elbows, fit boxing is not so much for the subtle, but there are no opponents, just a bag on which to let off steam to the rhythm of the music.

Now one of the most popular courses in gyms and fitness centers, the boxing fit It is a complete activity, which between punches, dodges and guard changes, allows you to train the body in a harmonious way involving legs, arms, shoulders and abdominals.

Fit boxing: what is it and what are the benefits

What is this

It is not a combat sport, but rather a physical training method to the beat of the music. There boxing fit It consists of performing arm and leg techniques by completing a punching bag or empty. Music not only sets the rhythm of the strokes, but also has a motivating function during training.

A relevant aspect is that since there are no opponents, the boxing fit it allows him to unleash a certain amount of aggression, however, without causing bruising or injury. In any case, the attentionexecution of techniques not less than others combat sports either Martial Arts: At each training session you are followed by a trained instructor ready to correct incorrect techniques and movements.


Practicing fit boxing guarantees both physical and mental benefits in the medium and long term. First of all, it allows you to tone all the muscle groups of the body, since it not only acts on lower limbs and in superior membersbut it also implies back the abdominal muscles.

Be aaerobic activityfra fit boxing favors the blood circulation; In addition, it can be considered one of the most effective workouts from a cardiovascular point of view. Increase the endurance and improves the functions of the respiratory system, but the aspect that may be even more convincing is that it is a physical activity that makes you lose weight, since in a 45-minute session you can consume around 500 calories).

Obviously, if the goal is lose weightit will also be appropriate to think about following one healthy and balanced diet, in addition to being low in calories, under the supervision of a nutritionist; otherwise, it is known that sports activity alone cannot work miracles.

Besides improve coordinationFit boxing also provides other mental benefits: reduce stress and aggressiveness, eliminates states of anxiety and improves concentration since during training you work on a specific goal, namely the punching bag.


The purpose of any sports activity is to keep fit or get it back, lose a few extra pounds, have fun, and then not get hurt. In boxing fit the main risk is hurting your hands when you hit the bag repeatedly. For this reason, boxing gloves are not used, as they would be too heavy, but a pair ofglove bag or of mixed martial arts (Mixed martial arts).

Another risk that can be run is that of autumn hitting the bag with the legs after losing balance. Finally, don’t forget to start training with the right warm-up phasein order to eliminate the risk of obtaining muscle contractures.


What you need for a fit boxing session is just one comfortable sportswear that allows large movements; a simple one so it’s ok T-shirt or a tank top and a pair of shorts.

All your feet need is a comfortable pair of sneakers. Finally, a bag and a pair of boxing gloves should be added to the clothing to protect the hands.