Flat and mini ballet flats with heels from Spanish firms

Flat and mini ballet flats with heels from Spanish firms

Spanish fashion is already synonymous with pride. Quality, creativity, talent. And if we can boast of anything in our history, they are spectacular footwear manufacturers.

Entire families dedicated to the manufacture of shoes They are part of our history and many of them continue to be part of our national companies, to which new ones have been added, full of new ideas and talents willing to put themselves in our shoes for the rest of our lives. Because once you try on Spanish footwear, you no longer want to put anything else on your feet.

It is not in vain that women all over the world search endlessly for our Spanish shoe designs for their looks and take advantage of every opportunity to get one or several pairs of different companies and add that plus of style and quality to their outfits with which they then inspire the rest of the world from the most elegant streets on the planet.

This year ballet flats, both flat and mini heels, are the most sought after footwear, a pure trend, and which is no longer considered an exclusive of French women to be one of the most precious assets of Spanish footwear and creative directors.

It is they who have made this type of shoes the best example of their creativity and quality artisanal and local production.

There are many companies, traditional and new, that specially design dancers or that they have them among their references and proposals, since it is one of the great ones trends this spring 2022 that we can’t wait to start wearing as soon as the rain and cold stops and we finally start with the perfect mid-season looks for these months before the summer heat.

These are some of the Spanish companies where we can find amazing dancers in all styles.

I want some Bobo

This Madrid company has become one of the favorite companies of Spanish dancers. Durable classics with trendy and original details that adapt to all the styles in which we want to wear flat ballet flats, with round, pointed or square toe, made of ecological leather. Those who try them repeat.


A Spanish craft based company that has some of the finest slippers, moccasins and ballet flats on the market. In addition, it is a signature in which each pair of shoes bears the name of a famous woman. or less known that has left an indelible mark on our society.

Beautiful dancers

beautiful dancers

Beautiful dancers

A more traditional company, owned by the Mascaró family, which despite having now considerably diversified its production, It owes its name to the fact that it specializes in dancers, especially the more classic and simple ones. with which the experts of this type of look improve everything they wear in the simple gesture of putting on their shoes.

small hooks

A Spanish artisan company that started for girls and has grown into one of the best fashion brands for us that are produced within our borders. Classic, tough quality, good materials and handcrafted finishes differentiate this company from spectacular designs that stylize and are timeless and eternal.


This Spanish company of dancers and Mary Jane is inspired by women with personality to create their collections. Her shoes, fun, comfortable and feminine, and which, above all, never go unnoticed, they manage to combine trends with everyone’s style. They are handcrafted in Spain: a careful and quality product.

paris / 64

This Zaragoza-based company is already one of the national references in the production of textiles, footwear and bags. It is one of the Spanish companies preferred by fashion experts both for the quality of its models as for the special care of each of the designs, which adapts to classic tastes and trends in a traditional way.

Band of Betties

Inspired by music, these dancers are addictive. It is a differentiated Spanish company with a clear positioning within a growing segment: heto quality and luxury at a reasonable price. Stylized and timeless ballet flatsbased on comfort, quality and respect for the craftsmanship of the Spanish footwear industry.

Sveti Stefan

This Spanish company was born not long ago, in the midst of a pandemic, taking inspiration from the design of the Friulians from Veneto. Traditionally made, adorned with velvets or colored oriental silks. All hand sewn. Now also with a ballerina design for those with more classic tastes.

by Camila

This Spanish company has a family history full of tradition and a lot of effort to achieve create a brand that stands out for quality, design and versatility for many styles and tastes of women. But above all craftsmanship, good workmanship and a taste for details and trendy brushstrokes.


The Spanish company has become famous among other models for its famous Ramona: bAilarinas finished with pointed and V-neck, flat and with quality and materials so that they become lasting pieces of your wardrobe. Without a doubt a company that produces in Spain and is already a favorite of the Spaniards.


A very special Spanish company, attentive to the environment and creates shoes sustainable ethically produced in Spain using materials of European origin, and above all Spanish. Quality, careful choice of ecological materials creating unique and high quality shoes, and original and unique ideal ballet flats.


This Spanish company is one of the great successes that Instagram has always achieved A new model comes out, runs out and many end up being on presale or on the waiting list. These are dancers with very characteristic designs that have made this Spanish brand very famous even outside our borders.


This is one of those shoe companies with a long family tradition in history, which has been creating shoes that try to reach all women, both classic and trendy. Their shoes of many styles are a hit every season, and this season their ballet flats, made in Spain, have been the object of desire for weeks.


A Spanish company with a soul, with a love for footwear, fashion and creations e Timeless designs that become the cornerstones of elegant women’s shoe racks. Very comfortable ballet flats, in different finishes and materials to adapt to the classic and trendy looks of each season.


A sustainable and committed Spanish company that it uses to create its footwear, among which there are dancers, natural raw materials, including Rafia, a tropical African palm of the Raphia genus with large leaves and huge fruits – with it a very strong and flexible fiber is obtained which gives our products a long service life.

About Arianna

Sober, elegant and made with the aim of lasting and making dreams come true. These ballet flats with personality and everything to be chosen by many women who want design and quality, are designed in Barcelona and produced in Elda, Alicante. And they are pure magic.

The dancers of Eloisa

The dancers of Eloisa

These dancers are made in Spain, in a very careful manufacturing and with first quality materials in order to offer the best. to exist different types of skin: suede, patent leather, smooth leather, carved leather e different heels (typical ballerina heel, almost flat; 2 cm heel; 3 cm heel and also 2 and 4 cm wedges) with different tips.

Here you are

This Spanish company is made in Barcelona and is inspired by the Mediterranean and has some of the most ideal openwork artisan dancers that exist. It is enough to see them fall in love with their quality, originality and the immediate touch they give to all looks.


This company is already one of the great footwear references in Spain, thanks to its ankle boots, espadrilles, sandals, bags and ballet flats, which They are the favorites of the great Madrid fashion prescribers and which are the most sought after season after season.

My bohemian

It is a footwear company made in Spain, with all the creativity and talent put into it at the service of quality shoes and design to last and be a favorite in your wardrobe.


This Spanish company that started, and obviously became famous, with original and full of creativity jewels switched to footwear production a few seasons ago with its first sneakers. in the stream They threw themselves into ballerina design and created a foolproof formula for classic girls to fall in love with and with love for trends in three ideal models.


One of those companies that marks part of the history of footwear in Spain and on which it focuses classic and comfortable models designed to accompany us in all types of looks. With handcrafted production in Spain, they are already what many of the fashionable women of the rest of the world are looking for.

Bryan Stepwise

And if we talk about stylish dancers, with that special Nordic touch but made in Spain, We cannot forget this company in which minimal lines predominate, the neutral tones in powder colors and all the artisan quality and the quality produced in our country.

Polin et Moi

Although this company started with the creation of clothes, which continues still and in an ever more different and special way, his shoes have become a big reference, especially his models of espadrilles and ballet flatsclassic and with a total trend twist.


A footwear company that has been operating in the sector for years and creates different styles of shoes for different styles of women who want to start wearing comfort and design together in their looks. His ballerinas, with their classic shape, are simple and spectacular.

Suffering soul

This Spanish company stands out for being special and very different from the others, moving away from minimalism and focuses on details, metallic tones, jewel applications and many small points of personality They are looking for women who want very eye-catching original shoes. Her dancers follow that seal.

Mint & Rose

Its base is simplicity, warmth and that characteristic gold which is always a plus of style when you wear a minimal look or when you want something with a festive style but without heels or excesses. These dancers are an example of how the quality and craftsmanship of this Spanish company are evident at every step. literally.

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