Former Uniqlo employee introduces modification service for people with disabilities

Former Uniqlo employee introduces modification service for people with disabilities

For many people, fashion is a way of expressing themselves. It is not always easy for people with disabilities or physical limitations to find clothes that fit well and that they like. Many items of clothing are difficult to put on, especially when mobility is limited.

A former employee of the large Japanese clothing chain Uniqlo recognized the problem and therefore founded the alteration service Kiyasuku, which translated means something like “easy to put on” or “easy to wear”. The Japanese came up with the idea after talking to a hearing-impaired Uniqlo worker who also complained of similar problems. He then conducted a survey among Japanese people with disabilities. It turned out that for many, the biggest challenge in fashion is even finding clothes that suit individual limitations. The offer often turned out to be very inadequate.

Fashion for people with disabilities

The Japanese thought of how he could help, and thus the Kiyasuku tailoring service was born, the first online tailoring shop in Japan especially for people with disabilities. Among other things, the company offers to change parts of the clothing to make it easier to put on. T-shirts and hoodies can be changed to open in the front, or zippers and buttons can be replaced with easier-to-use Velcro. The service is offered for all types of garments, from casual wear to fine clothing for special occasions and outerwear.

Ordering is very easy and can be done completely online. If you have purchased an item of clothing that needs to be altered, the changes can be defined through the website. Then you choose a tailor. He contacts the customer online and discusses exactly what needs to be changed. The garment is then mailed to Kiyasuku and then returned completely finished.

Clothing for people with disabilities
fashion image for people with disabilities; kiyasuku

Any garment is accepted and altered.

All Kiyasuku employees are very committed and want to do their best to help people with disabilities. Customers should always have the feeling that their clothes are in good hands there. An employee tells us online that she herself has a disabled son and learned to sew by modifying her son’s clothes.

However, the service is not only available for Uniqlo clothing. The company accepts fashion from all brands for modification. Whether it’s the latest Pokémon t-shirts from Uniqlo or trendy designer clothes that need a bit of customization to suit the idiosyncrasies of the owner.