Geraldine Bazán teaches style in the perfect black swimsuit for all women

Geraldine Bazán teaches style in the perfect black swimsuit for all women

The actress Geraldine Bazan caused a stir in their social networks, this after sharing their account Instagram a photograph in which she looked more beautiful than ever and showed her slim figure in one perfect black swimsuit for all women with which also gave a style chair.

Bazan, 39, is the mother of two girls, the fruit of her relationship with actor Gabriel Soto. In February 2009 she received her first daughter Elisa Marie, who dabbled in television, following in the footsteps of her parents; Alexa was born in 2014 and Miranda, who stole the hearts of the actress’s fans for her charisma.

Geraldine Bazán shines in the perfect swimsuit

It was this Wednesday night when Geraldine posted on the popular platform an image of him wearing a flirt swimming suit with a classic design in many women’s favorite color because it is a slimming figure in tone.

Geraldine showed her slim figure. Photo: IG @geraldinebazan

“Kind of 80s vibe … (80s vibe) @santiagogarza_”, was the phrase with which the actress shared the image, in which she also tagged her friend and partner in other sessions of photos, Santiago Garza. Publication that has received hundreds of comments so far.

the look of Geraldine is perfect for all women well black swimsuit you wear is a flattering cut for any figure, as it is a halter neck with spaghetti straps and a “V” type that stylizes the feminine silhouette.

The beautiful actress teaches style

Geraldine has more than 30 years of career in the media, started doing commercials as a child, and it was in the late 1980s when dabbled in soap operas such as “Looking for Paradise” and “Wild at Heart”; He has also participated in children’s programs including “Gaby Club”, “What Kids Say” and “XETU Remix”.

In over 25 years of career, the actress has shown that she has a great taste for dressing well, which she confirms with the looks she shares on her social networks, the same ones with which she teaches style and imposes fashion when it comes to it. to modern, youthful and sophisticated outfits.


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