Gray sweater: 3 styling tips for every occasion (according to Instagram)

Gray sweater: 3 styling tips for every occasion (according to Instagram)

Three influencers show on Instagram how a gray sweater can be combined in very different ways

The gray sweater is one of those garments where time stands still. It adapts to changing trends like almost no other piece and seems to be able to reinvent itself time and time again. So if we said at the start of the season that his dominance would remain unchallenged this fall/winter 2021/2022, now it’s confirmed on social media.

One only has to take a look at the ubiquitous influencers to realize that the gray sweater continues to elevate all manner of outfits. It doesn’t matter if the occasion is a family gathering or a morning at the office where comfort is paramount. The gray jumper in its numerous variants once again makes it clear that its versatile shade together with the comfort of wool makes it one of the infallible companions in all situations.

If you still don’t know how to get the most out of this garment, don’t worry because with the help of Instagram and a bit of context you’ve found more than one look for the rest of the season. And with all of them, the focus is on the gray jersey. Because when it comes to maximum impact with minimum effort, there are few pieces that do it better. Let us begin.

Gray sweater for a special dinner (as Pernille Teisbaek)

Who says sweaters are only for daytime wear? Pernille Teisbaek, the quintessential Danish trendsetter, proved this past Christmas season that with the right style, a gray jumper can go as well with the evening as the brightest blouse. Just top it off with a few more edgy pieces (like a leather mini skirt or stiletto heels), add the right jewelry (a pearl necklace or oversized earrings are perfect) and you’ve got a whole different effect for your season’s star piece. And if you’re looking for a different effect, do as the Danish and opt for a short-sleeved jumper (the result is just as pretty and attractive, but avoids hot flashes in the middle of the night).

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Gray sweater for the office (like Blanca Miró)

And even in the office, the gray sweater can be our best ally. But in addition to being able to combine it with black trousers or even a suit, remember that combining it with well-chosen colors can also give your sweater a new life. Choose a maxi coat in a pastel tone (like this yellow one from Edited, chosen by Blanca Miró) and add an unexpected element like a miniskirt or shorts. Here’s how you can break out of the norm and make your favorite sweater look brand new.