Hailey Bieber, shorts and t-shirt for the sports outfit

Hailey Bieber, shorts and t-shirt for the sports outfit

Hailey Bieber brings some style to pilates sessions: her latest sports outfit is very chic because she said goodbye to the classic combo athletics leggings plus sweatshirt. During her training in Los Angeles, she wore fluo yellow shorts and an apple green bralette, both from Alo (a brand specializing in yoga and pilates clothing). In contrast, she highlights the long-sleeved t-shirt, tied at the hip, and a maxi t-shirt (perhaps by Justin Bibier?!) worn as a jacket.

Iconic Nike sneakers with a pair of white fleece socks are unavoidable, while Hailey Bieber’s body is adorned with the body jewel that stands out among sportswear.

From Hailey Bieber to Bella Hadid

The shorts – not to be confused with biker shorts, which hit mid-thigh, a fashion trend that seems to be out of date – were also recently spotted by Bella Hadid: they’re a black jersey “hot pants” model coordinated with the spaghetti strap top. top showing white sports bra. What stands out the most are the socks (also in white terry cloth) and the black trainers with a fluorescent flame. And in your hand? Bella Hadid endorses the non-alcoholic energy drink Kin Euphorics, which promises to improve cognitive function and increase energy levels.

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Looking at these two sports outfits, we immediately understand that leggings will have a short life, at least when it comes to clothing to be worn during training, finding a place in everyday life, with heels and oversized blazers. In its place we will find very short shorts, cut to a point and worn with a matching bra or tank top. You are ready to wear this new outfit. athletics to practice yoga or pilates?