How to change your life on Earth Day

How to change your life on Earth Day

Earth Day is a good day: because on Earth Day we could finally start to change our lives and stop consuming absurd nonsense. Some tips to get started right now.

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year. The aim of this international day of action is to raise awareness of an environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle and to raise awareness of environmental issues, under a new slogan each year. In 2022, Earth Day will celebrate its 52nd anniversary.

Internationally, the focus of Earth Day 2022 should be “investing in our planet.” Because to limit global warming to 1.5°C, we must achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century and, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, implement significant measures before the end of this decade. And companies can contribute to this, for example, by making sustainability part of their corporate strategy and driving change. Governments have to create incentives, citizens have to put pressure on the market through purchasing decisions.

Earth Day 2022 in Germany

This year’s German branch revolves around the motto “your clothes make the man. The campaign asks people to shop consciously, dress sustainably, wear clothes longer and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. The slogan is not only aimed at consumers, but also calls on buyers, sellers and manufacturers to get involved in conserving global resources and protecting the climate.

The textile industry is responsible for a considerable part of global emissions, so the topic is well chosen. Every individual can make a valuable contribution to further protecting the environment and conserving resources by consuming clothing more consciously. Take a closer look at our points 1, 2, 4 and 5.

However, aside from this year’s Earth Day theme, we find that change must be taken into your own hands. Why not start with the symbolic Earth Day? We’ve put together suggestions on how you can make your life more mindful from now on.

Here are our suggestions:

1. Not just on Earth Day: ban harmful things from your everyday life

It’s easier said than done, but you don’t have to do everything at once. As a first step, you could eliminate nuclear power from your life and switch to green electricity. You could do without cheap fashion and look for sustainable fashion brands. You could avoid cheap bread and largely avoid takeaway cups of coffee. Instead of getting frustrated at the office, you could find a meaningful job. Earth Day is a day when 10 things that could disappear from your daily life.

2. Buy better products now

Many consumers like to shop for featured brands because, thanks to clever advertising, they only see their best side. But if you take a closer look, the shine on many products begins to fade quickly. Don’t be fooled by the big names, we will show you better alternatives: 12 Products You’ll Stop Buying Once You Know What They Do. In terms of fashion, you can find recommended brands in our leaderboards:

3. Reduce plastic now

Sustainable shopping with cloth bags
It is not so difficult to do without plastic in everyday life. (Photo: Utopia/vs)

Plastic is useful and therefore now almost everywhere; at the same time, it is an environmental problem that is taking increasingly dramatic forms. On Earth Day you could try to stay away from plastic. It will hardly succeed completely, but reducing plastic in everyday life is not that difficult. For example, just take a look at what bulk stores have to offer.

here our 15 tips for a life without plastic that anyone can implement.

4. Now choose smarter brands

As consumers, we have a choice: demand determines the market, each receipt is a list of brands and products. we will show you 10 sustainable alternatives to branded products. Even when it comes to fashion, you don’t necessarily have to buy the most popular brands, you prefer to orient yourself Stamp for better clothes without poison.

5. Stop consuming absurd things now

We are consumers, that’s the way things are. But that doesn’t mean we’re forced to consume nonsense or be wasteful consumers. And yet we buy a lot of crap: coffee in capsules, even if it’s expensive; Prepared bagged salad, though often contaminated (and lacking in vitamins); Fruit puree in squeeze bag, although expensive and unhealthy, clothes we don’t even wear, these are just a few examples.

Are here 9 things we buy when in reality they are completely absurd – Earth Day is a good opportunity to stop doing that.

6. Make a lasting change in your life now

You could use Earth Day as an opportunity to start making your life more sustainable. There are many ways to do this, not all of which are obvious. Have you ever been informed about solidarity agriculture, visited a repair shop or thought about your email provider? 10 unusual things that will change your life forever.

7. Now shop smarter at the supermarket

Each of us goes to the supermarket. They are available in different qualities, in different price segments, with more or less good concepts. We say: You can shop a little smarter in every supermarket – if you know a few tricks, buy less plastic, look for the “good” shelves, check the origin and much more – we find: Everyone should know these 11 supermarket hacks.

8. Reduce food waste

less food waste
We can all do something to reduce food waste. (Photo: © madochab /

Most of us are not even aware of the extent to which we waste food. It begins in the country, when “crooked vegetables” are simply thrown away because they aren’t pretty enough to sell. It continues in the supermarket and is far from ending in restaurants, where too much is often left on the plate. But we can all do something: read our 10 tips for less food in the garbage.

9. Eat less palm oil now

Many everyday products contain palm oil. It is easy for companies to process, cheap to obtain and hides behind many names: it is found in chocolate as well as in prepared pizza, candles, cleaning agents or diesel. But the rainforest is being destroyed for palm oil production. Avoiding (conventional) sweets, ready meals and finished products as much as possible is already an important step.

Are here 12 Popular Palm Oil Products and Good Alternativesthat will likely end up in your shopping cart on Earth Day.

10. Start now for Earth Day

Yes, that’s all it takes: get started now. We have compiled a bunch of tips here. One of them will still be implemented in April, or this week, right? The next one in May, and the first steps have already been taken. Don’t miss out on the money: sustainable consumption doesn’t have to be expensive. Are here 13 tips for sustainable consumption with little money.

Important facts about Earth Day

Not well known in this country, Earth Day is quite popular in the United States, and for some pretty surprising reasons. In 1970, then US Senator Gaylord Nelson created Action Day so that schools and colleges could focus on the future of the earth for at least one day a year. 20 million Americans participated. At that time the world movement for environmental protection had its first wave, for example in 1972 the first report of the Club of Rome appeared.

Even George Bush supported Earth Day

Earth Day quickly became a relatively fixed date in the United States. Amazingly, Republican US President George Bush made April 22 official by signing the Earth Day Proclamation. This increased the popularity of Environment Day again, especially in North America. Earth Day is still very important there today and serves environmental activists to draw attention to important issues such as sustainability.

In 2022, Earth Day events will be held on every continent to draw attention to the climate crisis and the state of our planet. You can find an overview here.

Twitter: #EarthDay or #DayOfEarth

Earth day
Please don’t break it! (Edit: Utopia, Earth: NASA/PD)

With Twitter hashtags #Earth day Y #restoreourearth you can easily follow the actions on Twitter, or just find interesting tweets.

UN Mother Earth Day

The UN celebrates April 22 as “Mother Earth Day” since 2009 and calls on all member states to get involved. The UN emphasizes the importance of untouched nature and explains that the earth is undergoing man-made changes such as deforestation, intensive agriculture and the destruction of biodiversity. Zoonoses like the coronavirus are the result of our destruction of ecosystems. On the other hand, the healthier the world’s ecosystems are, the healthier the planet is, and therefore so are we humans.

earth day events

On the website, international activists can find interesting campaigns in their area that they can easily join. Naturally, a lot of things take place in the US, but there are also campaigns in other countries. Many actions take place virtually, and we in Germany can also participate in them.

Google has been producing an Earth Day doodle since 2001

“Doodle” is the name of the image that Google displays above the search field. With the specially designed image, which is increasingly also an animation, Google draws attention to a wide variety of anniversaries. There has been a new Google Doodle for every Earth Day since 2001. If you want to see all the images, here is the list of all the doodles.


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