Italian Gymnastics Federation – The FGI close to companies that help citizens of Ukrainian nationality

Italian Gymnastics Federation – The FGI close to companies that help citizens of Ukrainian nationality

Following what was already expressed on February 26, the Italian Gymnastics Federation intends to give a concrete follow-up that can favor initiatives to support and help citizens of Ukrainian nationality organized by and / or in Affiliated Sports Associations / Societies.

The FGI is already aware of the numerous initiatives that many of its Affiliates have already implemented, and also as a non-profit organization is proud of them, and of those that are in the process of being implemented and wishes to concretely support all of them. offering a structured operational path with the aim of allowing young Ukrainians the opportunity to continue, or start, to practice our wonderful Gymnastics that has always transmitted values ​​of inclusion, loyalty, friendship.

  1. To proceed with FGI membership, it is important that our Ukrainian friends comply with the entry documents in Italy and have a tax code; It will therefore be necessary to accompany them to any office of the Tax Agency where they can request the tax code that is usually issued at sight;
  2. With the possession of the tax code it will be possible to proceed with the registration with the FGI taking into account that the relative Shares will be redeemed upon explicit request of the Affiliate, complete with the name of the Ukrainian card holders;
  3. To be able to attend the gym it is necessary to evaluate each individual post regarding the Sars – Cov – 2 (Covid 19) vaccination and, in case of lack of vaccination coverage, provide for it;
  4. The FGI may offer some sports clothing supplied to the national teams and will request, with a specific form, to indicate the sizes and quantities required;
  5. In order to enter school, it may be necessary to take an interest in the appropriate and usual vaccinations required of Italian children at the time of enrollment in school;
  6. Once registered, young Ukrainian athletes will be able to participate in federal competitive activity only individually and in excess. (The Ukrainian athlete will be included in the ranking based on the score obtained, but on equal terms with the Italian athlete ranked next. If the Ukrainian athlete is ranked first, he or she will not be considered the winner of the reference title); the registration fees relating to the races will be reimbursed by the FGI at the time of participation and upon express request;
  7. Travel, subsistence and accommodation expenses related to travel for participation in individual competitions provided for by the federal calendar of Ukrainian athletes will be reimbursed to Affiliates by the FGI at the time of participation and upon explicit request;
  8. In addition to the eventual participation in the competitions already planned included in the Gymnastics at Festa 2022 program, it is the FGI’s intention to offer at the same venue and in the same period a competition reserved for athletes of Ukrainian nationality with the same technical conditions. programs already in force and issued by the respective National Technical Departments; also in this case the travel expenses, food and accommodation during the trip will be reimbursed to the Affiliates upon successful participation and upon express request;
  9. It is the intention of the FGI to dedicate the 2022 Grand Prix to solidarity and, consequently, provides for the presence of the most representative Ukrainian athletes on this occasion to organize a friendly ITA – UKR competition; on the same occasion, the performance of some young Ukrainian athletes who have found hospitality in or through the affiliates can be expected and the expenses of such participations will be borne by the IGF or the Organizing Committee.

The Italian Gymnastics Federation thanks from now on all those who, in any way possible, will undertake initiatives in support of the Ukrainian people and reserves the right to communicate further updates in this regard.