Jaime Ibiza presents Latinas, its new bet on fashion |  Interview

Jaime Ibiza presents Latinas, its new bet on fashion | Interview

Heir of three generations in the world of leather goods, the Guadalajara designer Jaime Ibizapresents its new collection LATINwhere color and style are the protagonists of a range of bags and purses with various shapes that highlight the fun and daring side of Latin women.

We spoke to the designer, who is happy with this new collection and is sure of it LATIN will take over the cabinets of the fashionistas in this new season.

How is a working day for Jaime Ibiza?

Well, I arrive early in the office, usually the day is full of creative meetings with the design office, in which we define the colors, trends and cuts that will arrive for the next seasons. With the sales team we review how we are doing, as I have always said “if you do not measure yourself constantly it is very easy for you to lose your way to reach your goals”, with them we also review the main points of sale and the demands of the current market, topic on which they converge with the design office. Also, very importantly, we look at the materials for social networks, upcoming campaigns and everything related to communication, there are always hours left in the day to finish everything that needs to be done!

What is the brand differentiator?

I would say that the positive philosophy behind the brand, which is always represented by our “Point”, the icon of our company, formed by two crimped numbers 8 (8 is the number that represents abundance in oriental culture) and crowned by a plus sign, to always add up in our lives. Besides of course at the forefront in materials, colors and cuts, which we always offer.

What do you like most about bag design?

Thinking that they are accessories that will accompany women in their daily life, that they can be accomplices in all their activities, in their role as mother, entrepreneur, professional or simply as a lover of fashion, they are my inspiration. my creations complete their looks, I love it!

Tell us about “LATINAS”, your new collection …

It is a collection full of color that reflects the lifestyle of Latin women, in which color plays a very important role, the monochromatic styles, topped with large chains in various materials such as tortoise, symbolize the eclectic looks of the women of America Latina, who are naturally bold, attractive, strong and seductive.

What inspired you to create the pieces?

In the main trends that currently rule the fashion world, in what the current market likes and in bright colors that, for me, reflect the joy present in each of the Latin women.

What are your favorite trends this season?

Surely the shoulder bags, with shoulder straps in different materials and colors, as well as large prints, applications such as large brooches or chains, and monochromatic models in suggestive green, fuchsia or blue.

We love color and don’t hesitate to use it, you can find more about our collections at @jaimeibiza and @ jaimeibiza8