Jeans and shoes: Trends to match 50 years with elegance

Jeans and shoes: Trends to match 50 years with elegance

Support the style jeans and shoes at 50+ it seems simple, however, they have gone through a process of wisdom that comes with age. When one enjoys such a moment in life, the definition of fashion is transformed. The trends they become a choice, quality prevails over quantity and comfort is marked by elegance and refinement.

The women over 50 have the ability to balance Look with eclectic designs, but faithful to his personal style. They recognize each other perfectly shoes you can combine with baggy jeans and those who gracefully veil in suits and trousers. Sometimes, it appears that the street style clearly focuses on a more youthful aesthetic, however, reputable brands are increasingly channeling the stylistic strength of the 1950sas experienced in Valentino.

As is known, ‘the adolescence of mature age’ brings with it significant changes and nothing better than to represent them through emblematic combinations. Here a sample.

The trends for wearing jeans and perfect shoes for women 50+

Skinny jeans and transparent shoes

Jennifer Lopez is betting on a famous 50+ pairing, skinny jeans with transparent shoes.

Photo: Jackson Lee

Jennifer Lopez bet on one of the shoes which approves skinny jeansThey also confirm that this pair will not disappear. They are pointed, stiletto heel and construction transparent. Such an interpretation was also monopolized by Eva Longoria and the most prominent catwalks. To wear them in everyday life, just switch to a skinny with cargo notes and a jacket bomber correspondence Ultimately, it is a terrific result.

Culottes jeans with décolleté

Jean culotte, décolleté and dress as an overlay. An alliance that gives off style to 50+.

Photo: Christian Vierig / Getty Images.