Layout the Checkerboard Pattern Correctly: Dos and Don’ts

Layout the Checkerboard Pattern Correctly: Dos and Don’ts

Leopard and Zebra are now followed by Chessboard. Fashion professionals are obsessed with geometry these days, sports bags, jackets, pants and sweaters adorned with little squares all over. We explain why this is so and how you can skilfully jump on the trend train.

What defines the checkerboard pattern?

Of course, the fact that plaids are trending in winter isn’t surprising in itself. In 2022, however, the classic glencheck, houndstooth, and gingham styles will face competition from a pattern we know best from the interior and our gaming collection: the checkerboard pattern. Like the playing field, it consists of countless offset squares in two contrasting colors. The classic black and white combination is particularly popular, but it can also be colorful. The main thing is that the contrast between the two shades is as strong as possible so that the new stamped piece really catches the eye.

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Woman in checkered skirt
The checkerboard trend can also be eye-catching, the motto is: be pretty eye-catching!Photo: Getty Images

Combine a cool checkerboard pattern

There are currently two modern ways to combine checkerboard patterns: Either you all inside and grab a real plaid statement piece, like a coat or dress, around which to weave a simpler look. Or you can choose small but fine checkerboard accessories to subtly enhance your look.

plaid women
Anyone opting for an eye-catching checkerboard piece should choose simpler style partners so the look doesn’t become tooPhoto: Getty Images; Collage: BOOK OF STYLE

No matter which variant you ultimately choose, the eye-catching pattern ensures that the look gets a few numbers more stylish. In general, however, the checkerboard pattern itself is eye-catching enough, a combination of patterns can be seen too quickly with it. So combine at most (!) one other pattern with the plaid style. With solid color style partners, on the other hand, you’re on the safe and stylish side, even if you wear bright colors.

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Women with checkered accessories
If you want to try the checkerboard pattern first, you can rely on cool checkered accessories.Photo: Getty Images; Collage: BOOK OF STYLE

It is guaranteed that you will not go wrong with the style variant with checkerboard pattern accessories. The pattern is so eye-catching that it doesn’t take much space to enhance the look. So simply swap out your little black bag for a checkerboard pattern, or pair a checkerboard scarf for an all-black look. We guarantee: This will turn a basic look into a statement style in no time.

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