LinkedIn Creator Mode: Send Newsletters Now

LinkedIn Creator Mode: Send Newsletters Now

LinkedIn’s new features should please creators. There are streaming options for everyone and a newsletter offer.

In March, LinkedIn launched a so-called Creator Mode along with other features. This should help everyone who regularly shares content on the platform. Users can activate Creator Mode on their profile, and LinkedIn now offers even more options for this. Because the business platform adds live access to LinkedIn and the option to write newsletters for all creators.

Live streaming unlocked for all creators

Previously, LinkedIn Live was only available to Pages or members of a certain size who needed to meet certain requirements. LinkedIn is now rolling out the feature to all creators. They can then go live on LinkedIn and stream for their followers. Viewers, in turn, have the opportunity to share the video. As with all platforms, videos are one of the most popular formats on LinkedIn. According to research from Martech, videos on the platform are shared 20 times more than other types of content. Live videos were also accepted and integrated in a new way due to the corona pandemic. In the meantime, it is no longer an exception, but the normality when an event takes place online and is broadcast, for example. So a live stream can mean high engagement and reach for creators.

Send newsletters on LinkedIn

The new newsletter feature could also generate great reach. This sends notifications to all subscribers when a new LinkedIn article is published.

Every time you publish a new article in your newsletter, your subscribers are automatically notified via push notifications, in-app, and email so they stay up-to-date with your latest content.

says on LinkedIn. This means that creators who write a column of sorts or regularly share other content with their followers can now generate greater reach for them. To use the newsletter feature, users who have activated Creator Mode simply need to click on “Write Article” and there they will see the “Create Newsletter” option. However, not all users have been activated for the feature yet.

Creator Mode has a third benefit for LinkedIn users. If enabled, you can suggest your own profile as a “Suggested Creator”. Depending on the topic and activity, new followers can be gained this way.

This is how the business fabric keeps creators on the platform

Like all platforms, LinkedIn is currently fighting for the favor of creators. After all, they now have many options. LinkedIn still has the advantage of differentiating itself from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the like as a business platform. But if creators can reach more people and make money on other platforms, this shouldn’t matter as much, at least for creators. Regular release of new features is a sensible step to keep them on the platform.