Liverpool and its Women 2022 campaign invite you to discover your power through fashion

Liverpool and its Women 2022 campaign invite you to discover your power through fashion

This 2022 is the time for you to not just see Liverpool as a meeting place for the best fashion trends, but as a meeting point for powerful and successful women who seek to express themselves with authenticity and freedom.

Empowerment and self-love are two concepts that we hear too much today, but perhaps for many of us they are still confused. How to know that we really wield our power and love ourselves? How to realize that we are able to get what we want?

Surely, beyond the speeches, we need living examples, stories, experiences and women who, with their daily life, serve as an example and inspiration to realize that we are doing great and that we can become our best version.

Liverpool and its powerful message to women

Powerful, talented and beautiful women who have made their dreams come true through self-love and empowerment. Courtesy of Liverpool

Over the years the fashion industry has been classified as something superficial, which has no value outside of aesthetics, but fortunately times change, society evolves and with it its thinking. Thanks to this radical and powerful change is that the world fashionista has ceased to be just a concept, to become a lifestyle that has inspired thousands of women around the world to free themselves from beliefs, prejudices and stereotypes, to discover their passion, strengthen their self-esteem and be faithful believers that their dreams come true.

In this scenario, it’s like Liverpool has taken on the task of bringing together a group of women who, in addition to identifying with the company’s values, represent millions of people who, like them, want to find themselves.

“Your way of being is in one place” this is how the iconic department store tries to connect with you and offer you a space where you will not only find the latest fashion trends of the season and everything you need to look spectacular, but it also becomes that meeting point, reflection and identity that invites you to express yourself fearlessly through fashion.