Lucero teaches the style in flirtatious miniskirts for women over 50

Lucero teaches the style in flirtatious miniskirts for women over 50

bright star she is one of the most famous in Mexico and in other parts of the world, her talent has led her to step on the best stages where she always amazes for her way of dressing, because the interpreter is a reference even when it comes to fashion, and one of the pieces she wears with elegance are the miniskirts, provocative clothes with which he gives style chair for women over 50.

The actress also started her career by being known as Luceritobecause he was only 10 years old. “Alegrías de noon” and “Chiquilladas” were the first programs he was seen on, followed by “Let’s play singing” and “America this is your song”.

At the age of 13 he recorded his first album “Te promete”, then came the soap operas, when he starred in “Chispita”. bright star he shot the film “Coqueta”, together with Pedro Fernández, this being his film debut. “Fever of love” (1985) and “Escape with me” (1985), are other tapes for which he is remembered in his youth.

Lucero shines in flirtatious miniskirts

Currently the actress and singer no longer needs any introduction, given that the phone call “The Girl of America” has earned a special place in the artistic environment of our country. At 52, she is one of the most successful performers and she too a fashion icon for women her age.

Lucero wears the best looks and the best company on stage. Photo: IG @ lucerinas.pernambuco

One of the outfits that Lucero Hogaza León, full name of the singer, was able to wear with elegance and style are the miniskirts, because as we can see in the photographs, the performer always tries to wear an original style that attracts attention and has a height which allows you to show off your legs without looking vulgar.

Above the stage one of the garments in which he was seen are the short skirtsand as can be seen from the images of her concerts, in which she was accompanied by her daughter, Luceritothe interpreter of “Electricidad” conquers with his looks teaching the style with the flirtatious garment.

Show off her shapely legs in flirty dresses. Photo: Special

What can be seen in the style of bright star bring the miniskirts with sophistication at 52, it is that she prefers clothes that have color or details that attract attention, that look bright and modern. In addition, the actress and singer usually also tries on mini dresses, with which she too reveals her curvy figure and highlights her legs.

She imposes fashion with her miniskirt looks. Photo: IG @ lucerinas.pernambuco


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