Lululemon aims to double revenue by 2026 to .5 billion

Lululemon aims to double revenue by 2026 to $12.5 billion

(Teleborsa) – LululemonCanadian sportswear retailer and Nasdaq listed company, expect to double revenue in 2021 from $6.25 billion to $12.5 billion by 2026. As of April 2019, the company had set itself a number of financial goals, including doubling its then-nascent men’s line of business by 2023. Lululemon ended up hitting the goal two years early, also tripling digital revenue from 2018 to 2021, thanks also to the demand for sportswear driven by the pandemic.

The retailer now expects significant growth in some key pillars, including product innovation, customer experience and market expansion. The “Power of Three × 2” growth strategy includes a plan to double male and digital revenue and quadruple international revenue compared to 2021.

The company’s women’s business, store channel and North American operations will continue to play an important role in the strategy, with women and North America expected to generate double-digit revenue CAGR over the next five years. , Meanwhile he stores They should growing up at a “mid-teen” rate.

“We stayed at the beginning of our growth pathwith our powerful product engine, proven ability to build lasting customer relationships, and significant acceleration in key markets, both existing and new,” said CEO Calvin McDonald. other financial goals There is: Total Net Revenue CAGR of 15% between 2021 and 2026; modest operating expansion each year; earnings-per-share growth outpacing revenue growth; annual growth in store square footage at a “low double digit” rate.