Mila Victoria, the 13-year-old influencer who breaks the paradigms as a model and jewelry designer

Mila Victoria, the 13-year-old influencer who breaks the paradigms as a model and jewelry designer

Mila Vittoria She is a 13-year-old teenager and, despite her young age, she is already an outstanding model and jewelry designer.

Also an influencer, she has set herself the goal of being a woman who inspires more women to make their dreams come true.

The role of women has evolved in recent years, especially during the pandemic where we have been able to observe the strength that pushes them to be better and to move forward in times of crisis.

Mila Victoria is a young dreamer who has decided to promote her career within the modeling environment, a trench from which she viewed various opportunities such as being a model, making her way into the world of social networks and her role more recent, jewelry designer. .

Making your way these days is much easier thanks to new technologies. Mila Victoria has shown that the only thing missing is to dare to make every proposed dream come true. Her beginnings in modeling occur when she was only 8 years old.

Since then, her path has been outlined to become passionate about fashion and create new trends based on the needs that are seen today in this industry.

“I’ve always liked everything about fashion. I got to know Dean and Dan, of the renowned Dsqured2 brand, and Silvia Tcherassi, from whom I learned a lot about the world of fashion ”, said Mila.

Mila’s goal is to be a woman who inspires more women to make their dreams come true, to grow professionally in the field they are most passionate about because she is sure that this is the key to success, “finding what you like and what it moves you more, it is the basis to push yourself to be better. You need to have passion because then, you know that you are not working, but you are enjoying that something and, at the same time, exploding to move forward, “said the influencer.

Besides being a model, Mila is a jewelry designer who today promotes another aspect of her life. Le Grand Jewels is the jewelry line created by herself and dedicated to people of all ages.

“I designed my first creations based on what caught my eye and made changes to try and match each piece with the garments I captured on paper,” she said.

“I am a woman with a great desire to grow and show the world that the set goals can be achieved as long as there is motivation, desire and dedication. A lot of people can come and give negative opinions, but if you work hard and don’t listen, you can go wherever you want, “she said.

Mila Victoria is confident that this new way of socializing across networks will continue to allow more women like her to dare to build their own story, which is why she uses her social networks because she knows they have become an important tool for inspiring and showing off. what 21st century women are made of.

For this 2022 Mila has prepared a new surprise, since it will launch an exclusive line of children’s clothing, which aims to offer affordable

“I want to help families. These times of crisis should be a reason to reach out to those who need it most, which is why I want to take this step which means employing more women and, in turn, supporting all those looking for quality, variety and good prices “, he underlined.

Instagram: @ milavittoria777