“My whole life is a fight against depression”

“My whole life is a fight against depression”

The crush is clear: Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada (Madrid, 1960) loves traveling by train. “I’m a fan of trains. Whatever happens, I enjoy traveling by train a thousand times more than by plane. The train hurts me a lot. I love it, because you can read, you are relaxed … I, on the plane, have been very afraid all my life. I always fall asleep on the train, I’m so lucky ”, she celebrates her with the journalist Joana Bonet in the series of 12 interviews Mujeres y Viajeras de Renfe.

He immediately remembers his first trip to AVE. “He went to the Seville Expo. I did a show for Swatch in a little house called Casa de la Caridad in Seville, and there were 12 dresses that told the time. They were watch suits. I went with an aunt of mine and with Tristán, who was a boy of two or so, and I didn’t want to get off the train, it has happened to me several times!

That same emotion with which she moves on the tracks is what the designer feels about fashion, of which she has challenged the aesthetic canons. “I’ve been like this since I was little, it doesn’t cost me anything, it’s like someone who can sing. That’s what I like and it’s fun, I just know how to make that kind of clothing and fashion. Plus, it always seemed to me that those were the others in disguise. I saw their shows and I said: and will anyone wear this? When you are like this, you see the world from a completely different perspective. “

From another perspective, too, he began to value travel when the pandemic took it away from him. “When they locked us up, when I was on the pitch, I thought a lot about away games. I’ve traveled a lot… Last month, for example, I made 15 trips. Apart from the fashion shows, the conferences … Two or three years ago, before Covid, in one year I did 74 shows around the world. In one week I did five shows on three continents! Let’s say it wasn’t for pleasure but for work. When I was confined, I said to myself: “I didn’t take advantage of the trips as much as I should, I’ve been to many wonderful countries…”. I was very sorry”.

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The antidepressant power of color

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada has transformed color into a kind of religion in her work, because her passion is art, and in her life. “My whole life is a fight against depression. I’ve always said I’ve seen my mother depressed. Colored clothes, like happy houses, like light, are the best fight against depression in the world ”.

Now Ágatha celebrates that color has finally conquered society. “People already have colored sneakers, colored watches, colored things, colored phones. People notice that they need color because it helps them a lot to be happy ”.



Together with Joana Bonet, the designer recalls the intensity of fashion in the 80s, when this adventure began. “I think at that time there was a madness with fashion, because it meant freedom. I have seen it a lot in the countries of the East and Latin America. In the latter it had an impressive boom and this drove people crazy. In Mexico I was able to participate in forty Fashion Weeks. In Monterrey, in Aguascalientes, everywhere, there was an explosion of fashion “.

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada criticizes cheese, which for her is “people who want to show what they are not. The ostentation. Also, there are elegant people and tacky people, and in Spain we have been in fashion for 20 years where the more tacky something is, the more successful it is, ”she points out.

My whole life is a fight against depression. I always said that I saw my mother depressed “

In her case, she positively appreciates the democratization of fashion that companies like Inditex have made possible and which has the consequence that Spain dresses better and better. “It has improved a lot, because before only the very rich were well dressed. Another thing is that people have been in tracksuits for two years, ”she clarifies, and then highlights how good fashion is. “Being well dressed and eating well are the two things that bring you the most happiness. I think the amount of happiness that being well dressed can give you is endless.

With women and with the planet

Environmentalist and feminist, the designer is shocked that people reject and pollute. “I find it so rude. Having the lights on, not respecting the water, taking a shower for an hour… “.



For this reason, despite having sucked feminism into her family since she was a child and practiced it since she was 10, she believes now is the time to dedicate ourselves to saving the planet. “I am very happy with everything we have done in terms of equality and I would like us to continue to progress even further, but I would prioritize the issue of climate change right now. If only we all did thousands of small actions! I would return to the fight for women’s rights when this climate change thing is more resolved, which is a long way off ”.

It seems so rude to me. Having the lights on, not respecting the water, taking a shower for an hour … “

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada has been celebrating the benefits of love from the age of 55. “It’s a lot more fun than when you are 20, when you are overwhelmed: you have to find a boyfriend, have children, have a job… You are much less free! On the other hand, at my age, you don’t have to prove anything, do what you want. It’s much more fun. “

The meeting ends with a question from the journalist: “How many lives have you lived, Ágatha?” The designer’s answer is this: “One, but very intensely”. And which!

Women and travelers

Women who like to travel alone, women who share trips with friends, women who opt for the convenience of the train to travel with their family, women who seek barrier-free means of transport, women who take advantage of commuting to work, women who find inspiration looking at the landscape that passes through the window… Women and travelers.

Renfe recognizes the essential role women play in today’s society. For the company, women form a collective by sharing adventures and projects. Renfe stands by all of them, making their proposals visible and promoting their initiatives.

In Renfe women are always protagonists of their actions with the aim of creating bonds and strengthening the values ​​shared by the female group and by society as a whole. Values ​​such as excellence, commitment, equality, solidarity and accessibility in all its forms.