New UND1C1 football game: a little Subbuteo, a little Risiko

New UND1C1 football game: a little Subbuteo, a little Risiko

There is a bit of Subbuteo, a touch of Risiko and a touch of Calciomania. Anyone with a passion for board games knows what we’re talking about. And I’d probably be happy to take a look at “UND1C1”, a new football box product, created by three PlayStation and Fantasy Football fans from Udine, which is about to hit the market after an effective campaign in the social networks (see the Facebook and Instagram pages) and the technical collaboration with the well-known sportswear brand Kappa. It officially starts tomorrow, Tuesday, March 15, on the crowdfunding platform – UND1C1 | The best soccer board game ever created by UND1C1 – Kickstarter, in order to raise the necessary funds for mass production and the purchase of image rights of real teams and players.

How to play?

We were able to preview “UND1C1”. It is played in two and each of the two participants trains one of the two teams. The playing area, a roll-up neoprene mat, reproduces, a bit like in Subbuteo, a soccer field, dividing it into 224 equal spaces called boxes. At the beginning of the game, the coaches place their eleven using the pawns: above each one the badges with the player’s shirt, name, number, role and characteristics are applied. The version available on Kickstarter will come with a white kit and a black kit but, as part of the campaign, there will be the ability to purchase up to 12 club kits. No more than one pawn can remain inside the same square, while in the squares of the attack zone we read “numbers”: -2, -1, +1, +2… They are penalties and bonuses to apply to our action (centre, shot…) depending on the position in which we find ourselves. In the “UND1C1” package we have a ball, two dice, locks and two decks of 20 cards. The dice have a function similar to that of Risiko: in each action of attack (dribbling, crossing, shooting, header) or defense (tackle, parry) it is necessary to throw and score a better score than the opponent to win the duel. But beware, in addition to the bonuses and penalties related to the field area (if I shoot from 25 meters it is logical to have fewer scoring chances than from inside the penalty area…), there are others depending on each one. player characteristics and ability cards, a bit like Calciomania. Locks, on the other hand, have a tactical function (they reinforce the marking or prevent the opponent from moving). Each manager’s turn consists of three actions (including individual or department player moves) and ends with the drawing of a card. He can have a maximum of five cards at a time, after which he must discard one to keep a new one. When each trainer’s deck runs out, the game ends.

the trial

“UND1C1” in its structure is capable of reproducing the emotions of a real football match. And even the phases of the game, from attack to defense to strategic moves, are well thought out (there’s also offside!). A match lasts approximately 60 minutes and has no deadlocks or low moments. It is recommended for ages 11 and up, but seems to be aimed primarily at adults who are passionate about the genre, making it a candidate for becoming a “must have.”