Nintendo Switch Sports, we tried the new sports game for the family

Nintendo Switch Sports, we tried the new sports game for the family

Raise your hand if you’ve never played Wii Sports. Anyone who has ever owned a Wii console or had a friend or family member own one has experienced the thrill of this unique sports video game. Yes, because the uniqueness of this title lies in the fact that the player can use their body via the Wii-Mote controller’s motion controlsto interact with the platform.

A feature that is common to many devices today, but which in 2006 marked an era, rewriting the history of video games known until then. The fact that an avatar played our real movements on the screenusing a device that fits in the palm of your hand, it was a real one game changer. Y wii sportsincluded in the package with the console, has transformed the gaming in a light sports activityto share with friends and family in the living room.

Fast-forward a few years and you get to nintendo switch sports, somewhat surprisingly announced last February at a Nintendo Direct event. As the name suggests, the game carries on the legacy of its illustrious predecessorbut at the same time he rethinks it in the light of the last Japanese consul.

A few weeks after its official launch, the right choice we were able to test it in preview.

Nintendo Switch Sports 1

A new experience with tributes to the past

What caught your attention wii sports was his immediacyaspect that remains unchanged in this switch sports. As soon as he enters his screen, the player is immediately catapulted into the colorful world of Spocco Square, a hub from which he can access six different sports activities (volleyball, tennis, soccer, bowling, badminton Y chambara).

As soon as a sport is selected, the user is prompted to continue with a quick tutorial, detailing the various movements to be performed with the Joy-Con controller. that’s a lot intuitive and even those who have never played in wii sports in the past, they will immediately feel at ease.

The return of activities like tennis and bowling is a welcome tribute to the old wii sportsbut at the same time some important changes have been made to make them more modern and suitable for today’s public.

Customize your game

Before entering to play, the user has the ability to create your own avatar from scratch. This represents a first big difference with wii sportswhere the player was forced to use their own Mii associated with the console (without much customization) or a guest Mii, in case a friend is invited to play locally.

Players have at their disposal different elements with which to fully customize your digital double, including hairstyles, eye colors, but also various clothing accessories. These, in particular, can be unlocked simply by playing and changed by the player at any time.

nintendo switch sports 2

Do sports, but without effort

Over the years, Nintendo has built a real business around sports video games. If you think of titles like ring shaped adventure either wii fitthese are real training programs, which push the player to do physical activityeven if it is within the four walls of the house.

nintendo switch sportsas well as its Wii counterpart, has a decidedly softer approachprecisely because the main objective is to share a gaming experience in the company and don’t sweat too much. However, despite not intending to be a fitness-oriented video game, switch sports makes movement its strength.

When playing volleyball, for example, the player still has to simulate with the Joy-Con a bagger or a “block” to repel the ball from the other side of the net. The same is true when you throw the bowling ball on the lane, where you must perform the movement with your arm as in the real activity.

Among the new disciplines, the one that amused us the most was soccer. If it is true that in a game, to make everything easier, they ask you to throw the ball with your arms and not with your legs, it is in Penalty mode where things change.

using the elastic band ring shaped adventure (but will be available for purchase separately), the user can strap the Joy-Con to their leg and test their skills as a penalty shooter. As for all the activities proposed by switch sportsthe soccer one is surprising for the precision with which the movement is reproduced on the screen.

When is Nintendo Switch Sports coming?

Like its predecessor, nintendo switch sports prepares to become a game loved by many types of players Great sports skills are not necessary, but only a great desire to get involved and challenge your friends and family with that unique touch of Nintendo video games.

The good news is that switch sports will debut in a few weeks exclusively on the hybrid console, more precisely the next April 29, so the wait will not be very long. In addition to the six activities mentioned, the Kyoto house plans to add another classic sport in the coming months, such as Golfvia a free update during 2022.

At the moment, they have not revealed if there are other additional sports activities planned in the future, but those that are available to players are already enough to fully enjoy this new version of a classic. And this time not only locally, but also online to challenge other players from all over the world.

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