NNormal is born from the union of Killian Jornet and Camper

Kilian Jornetworld-renowned mountaineer and trail runner, collaborated with shoe company Camper to create together Normal: a new outdoor sportswear brand, designed and tested between the coasts of Mallorca and the fjords of Norway. The brand’s first products will launch this fall.

“Sharing the same values ​​was a strong motivation to start this project. We need a new way of thinking and acting in relation to our environment and outdoor activity”
Kilian Jornet


NNormal products reflect the association’s shared philosophy: authenticity and usefulness that inspire people to enjoy nature and respect it. A mission that is expressed through timeless garments, functional, performance oriented Y built to last. All equipment was designed in Mallorca and tested in Norway. That’s where the name of the brand comes from: Nor-way + Mal-lorca.

“Building a new brand is always a very exciting adventure, even if we are aware of the challenges involved.”
Michael Fluxa, CEO of Camper

NNormal products will be launched in FW22 in Europe and North Americaboth on the nnormal.com website and in specialized stores.
The first drop will be limited and will focus on footwear, clothing and accessories for trail running and hiking. Kilian Jornet, the first ambassador of the NNormal team, will wear them during this year’s racing season.

“In order to have less impact on the environment, we have to work with various materials and explore different designs, making products that are durable. It is a long and difficult road, but it is what motivates me and the team to start this project”.
Kilian Jornet