Padel, an increasingly feminine sport

Padel, an increasingly feminine sport

Padel courts are growing more and more in the city. More and more sports centers are choosing to invest in this sporting activity and build fields to practice it. Padel, in fact, is the sport of the moment, the one that more than any other is conquering young and old, men and women. And it is precisely among the latter that racket sport is becoming popular.

In Rome and beyond, indeed, padel seems to be increasingly loved by women. According to the latest data published by the FIT -Italian Tennis Federation- regarding the discipline of paddle tennis, at the end of December 2021 there were almost 10 thousand women registered. The trend is also strongly confirmed on social networks: in fact, there are countless posts published on Instagram by fans with the hashtag #padel. More and more celebrities are emerging from social platforms who have been put into play with blows and techniques: from Melissa Satta to Miriam Leone, from Viky Varga to Federica Nargi, from Costanza Caracciolo to Chiara Carcano to Laura D’Amore and Diletta Leotta.

There are also many Roman women who, at the end of the working day, or on the weekend, wear sports clothes, grab the racket, ready to get involved. The popular padel among friends, colleagues, creates new friendships, entertains, tones and releases daily tensions. What better reasons to fall in love with this inclusive sport?

Padel as an inclusive sport increasingly appreciated by women

This follows from a series of investigations carried out on the main international newspapers in the sector by Espresso Communication for Z Padel Club, an innovative startup recently created from the creation of two temporary clubs in which various activities and initiatives have also been organized with a Pink background. “Paddle tennis is a simple sport and therefore extremely inclusive – says Marco Maillaro, one of the founding members of Z Padel Club – As a benchmark player in the sector, we have had the opportunity to organize both initiatives and training courses for amateur players in the company of qualified teachers and tournaments with international level athletes in our temporary clubs. But that’s not all because in the future, on the occasion of the next inaugurations, new inclusive activities will arise to bring more and more women, belonging to a broad target, to the world of paddle tennis”.

The history of padel

Paddle tennis -as it is originally called- was born in Mexico, almost by chance, when millionaire Enrique Corquera, at the end of the 70s, decided to have a tennis court built on his vast property. But, at the time of realization, it was realized that the space was not enough. How to solve the problem? With a small tennis court without knocking down the walls that surround it. In short, a “recovered” tennis court that, over the years, would become essential in the world of sports centers. In Mexico and Argentina, paddle tennis is very widespread but, for some time now, it has also reached Italy, obtaining unexpected success.

The success of padel

Today those concrete walls have become transparent nets, the measurements have been reduced compared to a normal tennis court (20 meters long by 10 wide) and this new fun and socializing sport has conquered the Bel Paese. The name Padel has probably been distorted into Paddle, from the English term that translated means “paddle”, an instrument that vaguely resembles the shape of the racket.