Pamper your skin with Donna’s double gift

Pamper your skin with Donna’s double gift

Your skin will look radiant with both products Marti Derm that your May Woman magazine gives away. A sunscreen to combat skin aging and a night regenerator to regenerate the skin, or a firming moisturizer to give firmness and smoothness. Two perfect allies for this spring that Donna offers you with her new issue.

With the American top Vanessa Moody as cover star, Woman Woman this month becomes a tribute to sustainability with proper names like Milda Mitkukecreator of the largest online store dedicated to second-hand fashion (Vintend); Francesco Kere, winner of the 2022 Pritzker Prize for its sustainable construction; or louis prieto, which aims to transform Madrid into the new capital of sustainable development. Without forgetting other facets in which this ‘eco-awareness’ reveals itself, such as cosmetics, technology, enology or tourism. As well as new conditions that are starting to take hold, especially among the youngest: do you know? eco-anxiety? You can find out in this issue in which an entry is also given Elena Pitaone of the leading experts of Sustainable Development.

Even the Russian invasion is not forgotten with the interview with Katie Lanhethe Ukrainian designer, who has a brand that makes handmade garments by and for the women of her country.

Readers will also get to know firsthand Carla Simonethat debuts ‘Alcarra’, the film that gave him glory at the Berlinale. They will discover the actress Amanda Seyfried in what may be the best and most difficult role of his career in The Dropout and learn more to Jesus Callejatalking about the women in his life or how he sees himself in ten years.

The woman also dialogues with the ice skater Sara Hurtado, fresh from Moscow because of the war; and with Georgina Amorós, who just released the fifth season of “Elite” (Netflix).

The magazine also gives up Laetic caste, the icon of Gaultier and Saint Laurent, which returns to be the image of a fashion collection. and focuses 50 literary titlesfascinating plots, captivating news and relevant signatures in the best reads of the season.

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