PhotoVogue: We’re looking for the fashion photographers of tomorrow, sign up now!

PhotoVogue: We’re looking for the fashion photographers of tomorrow, sign up now!

PhotoVogue launches a global call for future fashion photographers

Originally a project of our colleagues at VOGUE Italia, the renowned PhotoVogue platform has this year become a global initiative, involving the entire Condé Nast network around the world. Globality means more opportunities for emerging photographers and artists to have their work published or commissioned by our brands and partners in all 32 markets, as well as more global events, talks, exhibitions and portfolio reviews to foster conversations about creativity and diversity in images. .

PhotoVogue’s mission is to nurture talent, reach historically underserved communities, and improve visual literacy. In addition, a fairer and more inclusive visual world must be created. To make our calls more effective, PhotoVogue will post calls by topic or in specific regions of the world. And today we are pleased to launch our first global appeal, with the support of all our VOGUES around the world!

“The Next Great Fashion Image Makers”: PhotoVogue is looking for photo and video creators worldwide

PhotoVogue is devoting its first global call to finding the next great fashion image makers. There are 26 issues of VOGUE around the world, each with its own aesthetic and style, all united in the pursuit of excellence in creating timeless fashion images. By respecting this diversity and working towards a common goal, VOGUE has secured a pioneering role in visual communication around the world, and this first global call will be an ode to our different perspectives, but also to our common ground in creating of fashion images.

We want our community to grow and include artists who express themselves through all kinds of media, that’s why the call is multimedia: We’re looking for artists who express themselves through photography, video, or both, and anyone can apply. – the only requirements are that you are over 18 years old and have talent!

Submissions will be judged by Condé Nast employees from around the world, as well as experts from the international visual community. With judges from as many different backgrounds as possible, PhotoVogue will build an inclusive and diverse vision that accommodates all types of visual aesthetics, from the realistic to the fantastical, from the documentary-inspired to the glamorous and dreamy. All the VOGUEs of the world will not only publish a portfolio of the best submissions (online and/or print), but also some artists will be selected to collaborate in an editorial (online and/or print) and the most talented will be selected . part of the main exhibition at PhotoVogue Festival 2022 in Milan.

Be part of the next generation of fashion designers!

PhotoVogue has helped promote the careers of numerous artists internationally by being featured in VOGUE Italia and on the website, featuring their work in exhibitions, and collaborating with well-known brands. PhotoVogue-sponsored artists who have graced the covers of VOGUE’s global issues include Kennedi Carter, Camila Falquez, Nadine Ijewere, Mous Lamrabat and Sonia Szostack, to name a few. Now that PhotoVogue unites all VOGUE themes around the world, the opportunities to showcase artists from different backgrounds, from different countries and with different aesthetics have multiplied. You could be one of the new voices that will shape not only our brand identity but also our culture.

With this open call we seek visions that go beyond the limits of the current fashion landscape. We want to highlight the next generation of socially conscious fashion photographers, artists who are a force for change and whose work can dialogue with different genres, from documentary to fine art. We are looking for artists capable of addressing issues of social justice and sustainability in powerful and vibrant images and films. Fashion has become a common language and one of the most important tools for identity formation, and VOGUE has always explored the intersections with socio-political issues through its photos and stories, raising questions, initiating innovation, and even causing changes. We are committed to paving the way for the next generation of fashion photographers and would love for you to join us.

How to apply:

we seek Artists expressing themselves through photography, video, or bothand anyone can apply: the only requirement is that you at least 18 years old are.

Any applicant can maximum 10 fashion photos of a project Y up to 3 fashion videos or a multimedia project of photos and videos Deliver.

Both unpublished works and photos/videos made for an already published editorial are allowed. It can be a documentary project or a more escapist project. Creativity has no limits: the important thing is that the project expresses your vision of fashion and your unique and personal point of view.

Open bidding is open painter from April 4 to June 25 and registration is completely free.

Submissions will be judged by Condé Nast staff from around the world and visual experts from the international visual community to provide a comprehensive and diverse perspective.

The PhotoVogue Jury: Experts from the international visual community

adam murray

Pathway Leader for BA Fashion Communication and Promotion and MA Fashion Image, Central Saint Martins

azu nwagbogu

Founder and Director of the African Artists Foundation (AAF)

imrouh asha

Stylist, creative consultant and fashion editor

Oliver Richon

Artist and Professor of Photography, Royal College of Art

philip clarke

BA Fashion Communication Pathways Course Leader, Central Saint Martins

polly irungu

Multimedia journalist and founder Black Women Photographers

Sarah Gresty

BA Fashion Course Leader, Central Saint Martins

shadman shahid

Head of Department of the Master of Photography & Society, Royal Academy of Art in The Hague

sophie buck

Writer, artist, content creator and disability activist

Vince Aletti

Curators and writers

VOGUE employees

there sim

Beauty Director, Vogue Singapore

Ricky Keene

Director of Photography and Talent Casting, Vogue Australia

leslie sun

Editorial Director APAC (Taiwan, India, Japan) for Vogue

joey lin

Fashion director Vogue Taiwan and supervision of APAC (India, Japan) Vogue Global Fashion Network

Sean K.

Fashion Director, Vogue Hong Kong

kat yung

Editorial Director, Vogue Hong Kong

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