product quality and supply chain control

product quality and supply chain control

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a family business born from its founder’s passion for football and grown over the years thanks to attention to product quality, in the best tradition of Italian manufacturing. Erreà Sport -a group specialized in the production of technical sportswear, the so-called teamwear- is a brand that has managed to gain a foothold in international markets in a few years, to which it currently owes 60% of its turnover. It was born in 1988, at the initiative of angelogandolfi.

“I have always liked football and, when I could no longer play it at an amateur level, I decided to keep this passion alive by giving life to Erreà”, says the president. Gandolfi soon understood that football clubs need sports and technical garments capable of improving the performance of those who wear them. So he decided to invest in a production capable of guaranteeing the highest standards of quality, safety and comfort. “The uniform represents the identity of a company, it expresses its values, it is one of the most important elements of its image. For this reason, our lines are designed and built based on the needs of each particular company”.

The Erreà model

The strength of the company based in San Polo di Torrile, in the province of Parma, is the direct control of all production activities between Italy and Romania, where its factories are located. “Erreà manufactures its garments internally, combining production for sports and sartorial culture. From the beginning, the ability to create and package garments and select fabrics has been the secret to our success. An ancient wisdom, but carried in an era of increasingly modern threads and systems”.

The family also plays a central role in Erreà’s business model. “My wife and children have always been by my side on this journey,” says Gandolfi. This is confirmed by the company name and logo: Erreà was born from the union of the letter R and the letter A, the initials of the founder’s children.

The group manages all the phases of product development: from the selection of raw materials to the design of the graphic aspect, from the prototypes to the delivery of the finished garments. “This complete path is the strength of the company”, says the vice president roberto gandolfi, one of Angelo’s sons. “It differentiates us from our competitors and allows us to represent the only European company that continues to produce in the team clothing sector. The ability to carry out precise and scrupulous controls on the origin of raw materials also allows us to guarantee maximum safety and quality to the market. Details that are fundamental for us, at the heart of our strategy”.

The partners

Thanks to the control activities in the supply chain, Erreà guarantees the market products that also meet the highest sustainability standards, both from a social and environmental point of view. “Being sustainable also means operating in full compliance with all international regulations, with the aim of creating a product that has a long life cycle”, explains Roberto. “To do this, we constantly review the modus operandi of our suppliers. Regarding environmental aspects, since 2007 we have been certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, a certificate that establishes extremely strict limits regarding substances that are harmful to health. We are the only technical sportswear company that can boast this label”.

Erreà’s activity started from the world of football (the first sponsorship was close to Genoa in 1988), but soon it also expanded to volleyball, basketball, rugby and many other sports. The accessories sector has finally arrived. The group soon made their international debut, thanks to a partnership with Middlesbrough, England.

An operation that acted as a driving force and took the brand first to Europe and then to the rest of the world. “From a family business, Erreà has thus begun to acquire a glocal connotation, or rather a global and local reality, attentive to international development, but also to its relationship with the territory and family values”. There are currently numerous national teams, federations and partners, including Parma, Queens Park Rangers, the Italian national volleyball team, UEFA Kit Assistance Scheme 2022-2026, Reyer Venezia and Benetton Treviso rugby.

the international plan

“Erreà is a company specialized in team clothing, both for professionals and amateurs. Over the years, however, we have diversified our production and launched a number of new brands thanks to huge investments in research and development. In 2005 Erreà 3D Wear was born for technical underwear, and in 2010 Erreà Republic, a line of sportswear for free time. Finally, in 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 emergency, Point arrived, the clothing line dedicated to safety at work. It is made with the new Ti-Energy 3.0 antiviral fabric, made with zinc oxide nanoparticles permanently encapsulated in the fibers.”

Erreà expects to continue its path of growth in the coming years thanks to a series of product innovations, still secret, and an internationalization plan. “We started with a small textile machinery workshop,” Angelo recalls. “Today we employ around 950 people and we are a healthy and solid company in terms of assets and margins. Erreà has always grown organically and this is the path we intend to follow. In Italy, in Europe, but also in the rest of the world: we are investing to expand our business in strategic areas such as the United States, Latin America and the Middle East”.

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