Purkersdorf – extravagant fashion by Mary Vebber

Purkersdorf – extravagant fashion by Mary Vebber

Whether it’s a schnitzel dress, a Christmas tree skirt or a sparkly outfit, NÖN’s style expert Martina Reuter ensures fun times on the ORF breakfast show “Guten Morgen Österreich”. And the woman who creates the exciting ensembles with her is Mary Vebber, like Reuter, also from Purkersdorf.

The two women met through their children. “My son went to school with Martina’s daughter,” says Mary Vebber. She has lived with her family in Purkersdorf for eleven years and has her own studio “Mary’s Mode” in Vienna. She there she implements customer requests on the sewing machine.

martina reuter and mary vebber

Always coming up with crazy new outfit ideas together: Martina Reuter and Mary Vebber.

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Vebber originally hails from Salzburg and attended fashion school in Hallein before completing the master class in Linz. She was not predetermined that she would one day end up in the fashion industry. “I’ve always loved ironing, doing laundry for my Barbie dolls and working with fabrics, but I still had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up,” says Vebber. In any case, after fashion school she was still undecided and therefore she went to the United States as an au pair.

He stayed there for twelve years. She worked there in a wedding dress alteration shop and did fashion shows in major Miami clubs.

Vebber does everything “that has to do with sewing”

Finally, he felt homesick again and returned to Austria. She soon began to implement the design wishes of her clients, especially women. “Women often bring their stuff and tell me exactly what’s on their mind,” says the woman from Purkersdorf. For complex sets, it is often necessary to calculate more time, up to a month, to complete them. Vebber sews everything from ball gowns and wedding dresses to men’s jackets. He can also come to her with modifications and repairs. “But I’m not only available for fashion, I make all kinds of custom products. So also curtains or upholstery. Basically anything that has to do with sewing.”

They work out of their own studio in Ward 14. “I can work there without being disturbed, there were too many distractions at home,” he says. She sews too little for herself: “I would like to do more, but there is not enough time.”

Your son doesn’t think so much of mom’s designs right now. “Because if she doesn’t say ‘Adidas’ or something else, she’s not cool enough,” smiles the Purkersdorf native. He from time to time also creates one-of-a-kind pieces for the store. “I prefer knitted dresses and blouses that are easy to put on,” says Vebber.

By the way, no client request is too unusual for her. “A client likes extravagant clothes. I like to do that,” she says, emphasizing that she loves a challenge. “I like to read and think about how to implement something.”

“But my favorite Reuter outfit was the red hooded suit with glitter.”

The most extraordinary -so far- was Martina Reuter’s Christmas tree skirt. “But my favorite Reuter outfit was the red hooded jumpsuit with glitter.” By the way, the intensive collaboration with the style expert has existed since the fall. The two come up with unusual outfits every week. And just during the NÖN conversation, the following message arrives from Martina Reuter to discuss a new idea. “It will be strange again at Easter”, reveals Mary Vebber in conclusion.